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51051224Bathroom Towel Rail, 2 ArmFrom £20.87
BFC101ADeLeau Steel Single Towel RailFrom £25.92
BFC108ADeLeau Steel Towel RingFrom £25.28
98012002Towel Ring Ø50, Brass£22.39
BFC110CDeLeau Tempo Double Towel Rail £57.17
BFC111CDeLeau Tempo Single Towel Rail £35.79
51050935Bathroom Towel Rail, 3 Arm£23.81
BFC117ADeLeau Tempo Towel Ring£19.36
BFC127ADeLeau Edwardian Towel Rack£121.36
BFC146ADeLeau Mezzo Double Towel Rail£34.35
BFC150ADeLeau Mezzo Towel Bar£15.04
BFC156ADeLeau Adagio Double Towel RailFrom £31.02
BFC157ADeLeau Adagio Single Towel RailFrom £20.18
BFC160ADeLeau Adagio Towel Ring£15.06
BFC169ADeLeau Cadenza Double Towel RailFrom £30.02
BFC170ADeLeau Cadenza Single Towel RailFrom £20.21
BFC173ADeLeau Cadenza Towel Ring£15.06
W2857Towel Ring£1.97
KLTRSSLinerao Towel Rail £36.24
BFC124ADeLeau Edwardian Double Towel RailFrom £58.38
RTR2CHTowel Rail, 2 Arm, AluminiumFrom £19.73
58013230Verona Towel Rail £14.44
58088010Romsey Towel Ring £15.86
58088011Chester Towel Ring £23.73
58088012Britannia Towel Ring £25.62
58088020Romsey Towel Rail £24.68
58088021Chester Towel Rail £31.33
58088023Britannia Towel Rail £47.46
58095010Carroll Single Towel Rail £220.43
58095011Carroll Towel Ring £120.32
58095012Carroll Towel Hook £45.37
58095013Carroll Tower Rail £414.93
58095100Stourton Electric Towel Warmer 230V £834.27
58095101Tura Electric Towel Warmer 230V £931.52
98302012PROVENCE Towel Ring £7.31
58077012Towel Rail, Extruded Aluminium £12.22
BFH007ARobin Towel Ring £3.67
BFH008ARobin Towel Rail From £4.67
BFH015AKingfisher Towel Rail From £18.97
BFH019AKingfisher Towel Ring From £8.40
BFH021AFirecrest Towel Rail, Single From £22.84
BFH022AFirecrest Towel Rail, Double From £33.25
BFH026AFirecrest Towel Rail £38.08
BFH011APhoenix Towel Ring £8.90
BFH013APhoenix Towel Rail £16.51
BFH027AFirecrest Towel Ring £31.85
BFH032AFirecrest Towel Ring £35.83
BFH034AFirecrest Towel Rail, Double £85.48
BFC125BDeLeau Edwardian Single Towel Rail From £51.89

Too many towels in the bathroom can build up quickly and be frustrating. So why not take advantage of our range of towell holders, rails and rings to organize them.

Our stocked designs are unique, aesthetic and fantastic storage solutions that come in a variety of finishes and shapes. What's more, we also provide towel rail radiators and various fixings for each. Get in touch with us if you can't find what you are looking for.