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80119230Wardrobe Rail SetFrom £2.33
80202250Wardrobe Rail Centre Support£1.43
80204511Rail Centre Support, Zinc AlloyFrom £0.54
80205200Loox Wardrobe Rail SupportFrom £0.24
80321740Rail End Support, PlasticFrom £3.56
80332260Rail End Support, Zinc AlloyFrom £14.30
80351757Wardrobe Rail End Support, BrassFrom £3.63
80352204Wardrobe Rail Socket, Steel£1.45
80353220Wardrobe Rail Socket, SteelFrom £1.97
83300410Loox 12V GOCCIA Wardrobe RailFrom £93.60
W2836CBall elbow, Brass£13.81
W2812DOval SupportFrom £20.16
04501-0164Wardrobe Rail End Cap£0.30
80119232Large Wardrobe Rail Set£12.19
80205290Wardrobe Rail Connector, Steel£6.95
80205291End Cap, Push Fit, Plastic£0.76
80332261Wardrobe Continuous Rail FittingSet£6.56
80524910Wardrobe Spare T Shape Part£3.09
W2806Extension Tube Centre SupportFrom £21.52
W2807Extension Tube End SupportFrom £21.52
W2810Towel Rail EndFrom £20.80
W2811Oval End SupportFrom £8.50
W2811ZOval End Support£9.36
W2812Oval Centre SupportFrom £19.92
W2815Extended Support, PlasticFrom £0.16
W2817ASocket Rod, PressedFrom £14.40
W281815Socket, InvisibleFrom £7.90
W2820Rod Centre Support, OpenFrom £0.32
W2826Rail S Hook£0.18
W2829Bar Rail Centre Bracket£47.01
W2836Bar Rail Bracket, BrassFrom £5.38
W2840Straight Through, Centre BracketFrom £2.27
W2841Oval Sliding HookFrom £0.50
W2845Concealed Rod Socket£0.72
W2900Amari Shelf System, Ribbed£88.43
W2901Amari Shelf Support Set£13.18
W2902Amari Garment Rail Support Set£4.88
W2903Amari Garment Rail£18.43
W2904Amari Shoe Rack Supports£32.86
W2905Amari Profile, Plastic£10.86
80333725Wardrobe Rail End Support £0.26
W2839Corner Join, PlasticFrom £2.00
W2830Barrier Bracket £17.07
W2836CBall elbow, Brass £21.63
W2837ACross Piece Connector £21.63
W281320BSocket Rod, BrassFrom £1.87
80333535Rail End Support, Zinc Alloy£4.46
W2835ERod Support, Brass£27.23
W2837Tee Piece Connector£19.49
W281620BSocket Rod, DiecastFrom £1.32
W2823Towel Rail CentreFrom £22.00
W281330CGSocket RodFrom £0.81
80137013Wardrobe Rail, Square £40.74
80204720Wardrobe Rail Centre Bracket £0.56
80204730Wardrobe Rail Deluxe Centre Bracket £1.03
80211010Wardrobe Rail, Square £30.30
80342070Wardrobe Rail, Square £30.30
80342090Wardrobe Rail, Square £14.26
80352700Wardrobe Rail Invisifix Socket £0.36
80352780Wardrobe Rail End Bracket £0.70
80352790Wardrobe Rail Deluxe End Bracket £1.13
80353720Wardrobe Rail Deluxe Socket £0.44
80353730Wardrobe Rail Socket £0.38
80333758Wardrobe Rail End Support £1.97
W2819BSockets, Invisible, StraightFrom £9.36
80333723Wardrobe Rail End Support£2.12
W2819Cranked Tube SupportFrom £11.52
W2834ARod Support, Brass/ChromeFrom £8.16
W2835ARod Support, BrassFrom £8.72

Check out our range of wardrobe rail fittings above. Our wholesale stock boasts some of the highest quality products available in the UK. This includes rail ends, supports, brackets, sockets, and connectors. Our products come in a variety of sizes, and finishes allowing customers to have plenty of choice when installing their wardrobes.