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Upcycling your furniture can be a rewarding job, but more than that, it can quickly turn into an enjoyable hobby, or even a career...
One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...
Hart Wholesale | Office Furniture | Variant System Drawers

Variant System Drawers   Back to Office Furniture

Office furniture Variant system. Choose from our wide selection of office furniture fittings, including cable management, cabinet locks, desk frames, drawer systems, swivel monitor arms, trays and filing systems.
42958340Variant-C Pen and Pencil Tray£3.07
42923348Variant-C Drawer Front Supports£3.57
42814317Variant-S400 Steel Card index Box£46.73
42439538Variant 460 Suspension Frame, Steel £29.28
42439565Variant 400 Suspension Frame, Steel £2211.45
42468309Variant-F Cross Rail, Steel £9.30
42494566Variant 400 Slotted Shelf, Steel £80.24
23783507Variant C+ Central Locking BarFrom £6.24
26234951Variant-S+ Variofix Connecting Bolt£3.87
42403241Variant-C Card Index Support, SteelFrom £4.46
42404244Variant-C Partition, SteelFrom £4.29
42404348Variant-C Partition, SteelFrom £3.82
42439-0422Variant S-Eco Filing FrameFrom £29.62
42474310Runner with Interlock Option, SteelFrom £18.61
42496325Variant-F 400 Shelf System, SteelFrom £69.20
42496730Variant-F 400 Shelf System, SteelFrom £28.50
42500322Variant-S 400 Filing Frame, Steel£41.53
42605313Variant-C Suspension Filing Frame£15.75
42924340Variant-C Pen and Pencil Tray+RimFrom £4.91
42512220Variant-C Hanging Rail, SteelFrom £2.04
42551202Variant S+ Front and Rear PanelFrom £11.83
42454302Ball-Bearing Cage Runners, SteelFrom £33.61
42945700Variant-D Drawer, SteelFrom £51.85
23754300Filing Frame Locking Kit£21.23
42470502Variant 400/460 Filing End Rails£13.11
42474350Variant S-Eco Drawer Runners, Steel£43.11
42476310Filing Frame Drawer Front Supports£6.10
42605202Variant-C Suspension Filing Frame£18.95
42605207Variant-C Suspension Filing Frame£19.62
42723205Office Filing Rails, Steel£11.84
42935700Variant-D Shallow Drawer Insert£17.85
42935701Variant-D Shallow Drawer Insert£17.85
42935702Variant-D Shallow Drawer Insert£17.85
42935710Variant-D Shallow Drawer Insert£17.11
42935711Variant-D Shallow Drawer Insert£19.19
42935721Variant-D Deep Drawer Insert£18.60
42935722Variant-D Deep Drawer Insert£17.47
42935723Variant-D Deep Drawer Insert£17.93
42937-0001Variant C Eco Frame, Steel£13.00
42950311Variant C+ Stationery Tray, Plastic£7.89
42958997Variant C+ Drawer Runners, Steel£3.59
42973325Variant-C Filing Frame, Steel£16.16
42976301Variant C+ Paper Tray, Inclined£4.77
42976332Variant C+ Paper Tray Cover£5.11
42976350Variant-C Suspension Filing Frame£8.98
42976395Variant C+ Paper Tray Divider£0.14
81803054Variant-D Pencil Tray, Plastic£6.30
81804051Variant-D Pen Tray, Plastic£7.36
81805030Variant-D Pen Tray, Plastic£3.48
42554910Variant S+ Front Panel Support £5.02
42556040Variant S+ Retrofitting Soft Close £1.98
42937327Variant-C Steel System Drawer £24.21
42937535Variant-C Steel System Drawer £6.49