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One of the biggest trends in 2017 - which looks set to continue throughout the coming months - is to design rooms in private properties and businesses with an “industrial” theme...
Open plan and sectioned living space is becoming increasingly popular, and sliding doors are a great way to help your clients achieve their desired mix of openness and fluidity whilst retaining privacy...
Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...

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00735040Natural Finish Stone Floor Sealer£17.60
00736024Repair LacquerFrom £12.28
VAR001ALiberon Wood BleacherFrom £4.19
VAR003ALiberon Stone Floor ShineFrom £12.39
VAR005ALiberon Stone Floor SealerFrom £12.39
VAR009ALiberon Floor VarnishFrom £24.45
VAR012ALiberon Button PolishFrom £18.70
VAR016ALiberon Natural Varnish£12.30
VAR002ALiberon Wood Floor Sealer£12.60
VAR004ALiberon Stone Floor Cleaner£12.39
VAR007ALiberon Floor Cleaner£11.55
VAR010ALiberon Garden Furniture Cleaner £12.09
VAR015AWood Dyr mixed set£26.38
VAR014ALiberon Metallic PaintFrom £5.64
MIS2595Geo-Fix Paving CompoundFrom £20.81

Look after your floor and furniture by using our various varnishing products to repair and maintain their quality. In the list above you will also find several sealers, polishes and shiners that will have your home looking fresh and spotless in no time.