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29000740Cabinet Hanger, Screw Mounting £0.75
29015910Cabinet Hanger Wall Plate Double £0.23
29015930Double Wall Mounting Plate, Steel£0.50
29019900Cabinet Hanger Wall Plate, Steel£0.66
29022100Cabinet Hanger, Galvanized Steel£1.10
29022700Cabinet Hanger, Galvanized Steel£1.17
29035911Cabinet Double Wall Fixing Plate£2.66
29035920Cabinet Wall Fixing Plate£1.57
29036910Concealed Cabinet Hanger, Steel £1.26
29036920Koala Concealed Cabinet Hanger £0.98
29036925Cabinet Double Wall Fixing Plate£0.31
29041900Libra H1 Concealed Cabinet Hanger £1.18
29041910Libra H2 Concealed Cabinet Hanger £1.35
29041990Libra WP1 Double Wall Fixing Plate£0.41
29041991Libra WP2 Double Wall Fixing Plate£0.55
BR222Fixing Plate£3.23
BR246Hanging Rail, Aluminium£3.68
BR247Hanging Rail Strip Mount£4.74
29104311Concealed Bracket, External £1.40
29104312Concealed Bracket and Screw Set £1.69
BR241MAntidrop Cabinet Hanger £1.01
BR245Concealed Cabinet Hanger with CapFrom £0.18
29014796Cover Cap for 12x36.5mm Hole £16.53
BR223FGV Adj Wall Hanging BracketFrom £97.50
29014410Scarpi-4 Cover CapFrom £0.12
29041905Libra H3 Cabinet HangerFrom £1.20
29010970Traser-6/8 Wall Mounting Plate £2.26
29014792Traser-6/8 Cover Cap £0.08
29021990Traser-6 Double Wall Mounting Plate £0.22
29028900Traser-6 Cabinet Hanger £0.73
29036765Libra Rectangular Cover Cap £26.61
29003910Concealed Cabinet HangerFrom £3.95
BR224Internal Cabinet Hanging BracketFrom £0.69
BR225Cabinet Hanging Bracket CoverFrom £0.27
BR241Cabinet HangerFrom £0.20
29021690Traser-6 Cover Cap£0.05
29028905Traser-6 Cabinet Hanger, Screw £0.80
29033900Traser-8 Cabinet Hanger, Screw £0.56
29014795Cover Cap for 12x36.5mm Hole£0.05
29036760Cabinet Rectangular Cover Cap£23.20
29003921Concealed Cabinet Hanger, Steel £2.47
BR220BLUM Adjustable Hanging Bracket SetFrom £0.34
29003935Concealed Cabinet Hanger From £2.28
29009910Cabinet Hanger Wall Rail £4.54
29018450Cabinet Hanger, PlasticFrom £0.95
29021900Concealed Cabinet HangerFrom £0.90
29021920Scarpi-4 Cabinet HangerFrom £0.72
29021960Scarpi-4 Cabinet Hanger, SteelFrom £0.72
29027910Scarpi-4 Cabinet Hanger, SteelFrom £0.72
29028915Traser-6 Cabinet Hanger, RapidFrom £0.84
29032901Traser-8 Cabinet Hanger, Knock-InFrom £0.56
29032930Traser-8 Cabinet HangerFrom £0.56
29036180Libra Round Cover CapFrom £7.00
29036791Spider Round Cover CapFrom £13.46
29050720Suspension Fitting, PlasticFrom £7.89
29051720Suspension Fitting, PlasticFrom £8.65
29000400Cabinet Hanger, PlasticFrom £0.79
29009910Cabinet Hanger Wall Rail£4.10
29008920Cabinet Hanger Wall PlateFrom £10.01
29002702Cabinet Hanger, Steel From £2.02

This is our wall brackets section providing several types of products ranging from the ivisible kind to the plates, caps and fixings required to install them. 

Our stock includes cocealed cabinet hangers and rails, fixing plates, various suspension fittings, cover caps, wall fixing plates (double and single) and much more. 

If you are unsure about any of the products offered in this section, get in touch with our sales team and we will do our best to advise you on which of these brackets are most suited for your needs.