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One of the biggest trends in 2017 - which looks set to continue throughout the coming months - is to design rooms in private properties and businesses with an “industrial” theme...
Open plan and sectioned living space is becoming increasingly popular, and sliding doors are a great way to help your clients achieve their desired mix of openness and fluidity whilst retaining privacy...
Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...
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93701008Door Stop, Wall Mounted£6.01
93701202Door Stop, Wall Mounted£12.92
93722801Door Stop, Wall Mounted£2.07
DF790ATDoor Stop Sec-FixFrom £1.12
DF790EDoor Stop on Rose, Wall MountedFrom £2.10
DF860Door Stop, Projection£0.86
DFF120AProjecting Door Stop £1.81
DH790HDoor Stop, Projecting£1.81
DSC112ADoor Stop, Skirting Mounted£2.72
DSC116ADoor Stop, Wall Mounted£3.62
93722-0001Door Stop, Aluminium£1.41
DF841ECDoor Stop on Rose, Wall MountedFrom £2.00
DFF236AWall Mounted Stop £2.74
93714200Door Stop, Wall Mounted £9.65
DF790CDoor Stop Pillar, Secret FixFrom £4.00
93723201Projection Door Stop, Aluminium £0.58
DF841KDoor Stop Cylinder on RoseFrom £2.00
DFZ073AZAS Door Stop, Wall Mounted £1.80
DFZ094AZAA Door Stop, Without Rose £1.26
23307601Metal Door Stop without Crank £0.12
DSC101AClassical Door Stop with RoseFrom £3.82
DSC102AClassical Door Stop with RoseFrom £3.46
DSC111ASteelworx Wall Mounted Door StopFrom £4.10
94009320Heavy Duty Door Stop, Brass £26.26
DFZ017AFulton & Bray Cylinder Door StopFrom £6.11
DFZ071AZAS Door Stop, Wall MountedFrom £3.15
DFZ072AZAS Door Stop, Wall MountedFrom £1.34
DFZ074AZAS Door Stop, Wall MountedFrom £4.49
DFZ082AZAB Door Stop, Solid ProjectionFrom £2.65
DFZ083AZAB Door Stop, Hollow ProjectionFrom £1.22
DFZ084AZAB Door Stop, Solid ProjectionFrom £2.27
DFZ085AZAB Door Stop, Solid ProjectionFrom £3.02
DFZ086AZAB Door Stop, Solid ProjectionFrom £1.22
DFZ087AZAB Door Stop, Solid ProjectionFrom £3.87
DFZ073BZAS Door Stop From £2.43
DFZ087DZAB Door Stop, Domed From £2.34
93700908Wall BumperFrom £3.44
93710702Door Stop, Wall MountedFrom £61.91
93711600Door Stop, Wall MountedFrom £7.46
93712100Door Stop, Wall MountedFrom £5.35
93714503Projection Door Stop, Zinc AlloyFrom £1.50
93790100Wall Bumper, PlasticFrom £0.37
94009300Gravity Wall Door Holder, BrassFrom £74.49
94009340Door Stop, Wall MountedFrom £12.44
DFF133AWall Mounted Sprung Door StopFrom £1.01
DFF134AWall Mounted Door StopFrom £2.04
DFF134BWall Mounted Door StopFrom £2.21
DFF135AWall Mounted Door StopFrom £3.42
DFM110ADoor Stop, Wall Mounted, CylinderFrom £4.28
DFM111ADoor Stop, Wall MountedFrom £4.28
DFM171ADoor Stop, Wall Mounted, CylinderFrom £4.56
DFM173ADoor Stop, Wall Mounted, SquareFrom £7.78
DFF191ABuffered Wall Robe Hook Door Stop £6.12
DFF192ACylinder Projecting Wall Door Stop From £5.74
DFF105AWall Mounted Door StopFrom £4.66

Protect your walls and furniture units from dents, scratches and knocks by using our wall mounted door stops and bumpers. We offer several variations ranging from sprung through to pillar and everything in between. What's more our wholesale products come in a wide range of durable and aesthetic materials such as plastic, rubber, brass and much more.