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One of the biggest trends in 2017 - which looks set to continue throughout the coming months - is to design rooms in private properties and businesses with an “industrial” theme...
Open plan and sectioned living space is becoming increasingly popular, and sliding doors are a great way to help your clients achieve their desired mix of openness and fluidity whilst retaining privacy...
Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...

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52016252Universal Hook Rack, Steel£4.01
80431312End Stop, Aluminium£1.14
80520470Wardrobe Spacer Plate, Plastic£2.58
80524330Wardrobe Lift, Steel£171.76
80543210Wardrobe Suit Holder, Adjustable£26.34
80545210Pull Out Trouser Rack, Steel£43.46
80547200Pull Out Basket for Wardrobe, Steel£46.77
80553206Wardrobe Pull Out Frame, Steel £129.21
80578002Vibo Dream Undershelf Mount Bracket£13.38
80582310Vibo Elite Laundry Basket, Beech£80.41
80745220Vibo Dream Pull Out Clothes Rail £37.40
80747250Vibo Pull Out trouser Holder, Steel£113.34
80747260Vibo Pull Out Trouser Rack, Steel£108.76
80749390Object Tray, Steel£29.91
81430909STILOS Profile Set for 2250mm £80.22
81431900STILOS Wall/Corner Joint Set£6.98
81431910STILOS Adjuster Foot£5.54
81431920STILOS Shelf Support Bracket£13.32
81431940STILOS Wardrobe Rail End Supports£12.51
81431950STILOS Connector Bracket£35.59
11599706Adaptor for Folding Door £0.45
80748200Wire Rail for Trousers, SteelFrom £30.46
81431963STILOS Bar, AluminiumFrom £4.20
80578032Vibo Dream Spacer Set, ABS Plastic£3.06
80721035Pull Out Rail Spacer, Plastic£2.43
80579090Vibo Elite Pull Out Pivoting Mirror£168.71
54012390Laundry Basket Wheel Set £13.58
54012700Laundry Basket, Freestanding £73.02
54022707Wire Basket £26.27
54022799Wire Basket Roller Runners £9.20
80523743Series 3 Wardrobe Lift, Electric £1520.96
80523997Series 3 Wardrobe Lift Sensor £58.50
80523999Series 3 Wardrobe Lift Control £180.18
80548200Vibo Rail For Trousers, Pull-Out £34.95
80780498Servetto Roomy Drawer Box Wheel £21.84
80780499Servetto Roomy Drawer Box Hinges £4.91
84383710Wardrobe Multihook £12.45
80581241Vibo Dream Pull Out Unit, SideFrom £63.22
80583481PMMA Tray Basket, PlasticFrom £20.56
54049-0001Laundry Basket Front Mounting Rail£2.93
80501702Pull Out Wardrobe Rail, Steel£4.27
80745030Vibo Elite Pull Out Clothes RailFrom £51.01
80750223Linen Bag and Trouser Rail, Steel £45.85
80583492Basket Liner - Tufted MatFrom £5.26
54012711Wardrobe Deep BasketFrom £22.43
54039721Wardrobe BasketFrom £10.41
54039792Wardrobe Basket RunnersFrom £2.50
80520125Wardrobe Lift, Steel/PlasticFrom £48.46
80520378Wardrobe Spacer Frame, PlasticFrom £5.68
80520905Servetto Soft Opening MechanismFrom £9.92
80521300Wardrobe Lift, Steel/PlasticFrom £140.86
80529300Wardrobe Lift, SteelFrom £103.37
80572290Wardrobe Pull Out Pivoting MirrorFrom £75.26
80581598Rubber MatFrom £3.06
80582210Vibo Elite Laundry Basket, SteelFrom £36.84
80583201Wire Basket, SteelFrom £14.30
80583221Wire Basket, SteelFrom £17.17
80583250Vibo Elite Steel Tray, BeechFrom £63.32
80585221Vibo Dream Wardrobe FrameFrom £38.10
80585731Vibo Elite Wardrobe FrameFrom £97.15
80592200Wardrobe Pull Out Storage BracketFrom £25.60
80592220Bedroom Pull Out Basket, SideFrom £44.48
80593900Bedroom Pull Out BasketFrom £41.36
80593910Bedroom Pull Out Trouser RackFrom £26.91
80770752Pelly Trouser Holder, Pull-OutFrom £61.96
80770990Pelly Wardrobe Rail, Pull-OutFrom £35.27
80780102Servetto Pull-Out Trouser RackFrom £69.52
80780112Servetto System Plus Pull-OutFrom £62.30
80780123Servetto Pull-Out Double DrawerFrom £94.96
80780142Servetto Pull-Out Plus 6 Shoe TraysFrom £114.95
80780153Servetto Roomy Drawer and RunnersFrom £101.69
80780170Servetto TraysFrom £26.32
80780180Servetto Jolly Organiser TrayFrom £30.42
80780190Servetto Roomy Drawer BoxFrom £52.55

Everyone needs a well-organised wardrobe with a robust wardrobe rail. From a business suit to a simple day dress, the perfect wardrobe will provide a suitable place for safely and effectively storing your clothing.

Here at Hart Wholesale, we make it easy for you to create your ideal wardrobe interiors. We have a great selection of wardrobe interior fittings and accessories, such as the much sought after durable wardrobe rail to help you build the most practical and efficient wardrobe interiors possible.

A pull-out rack provides perfect storage, with trays to hold belts and other accessories, while a sturdy wardrobe rail for the jackets and a separate rail for the trousers keeps your clothing elevated and crease free. A pull-down wardrobe lift means that you can make use of the full height of your wardrobe interiors, and allows you to hang long dresses at their full length without crumpling them.

From wardrobe rails to laundry baskets and pull-out units, we offer a wide range of options to suit any space. We even stock secure digital code safes, perfect for installation in hotels and similar environments.

Whether you're simply installing a wardrobe rail into a niche to create a simple storage space solution, or creating completely bespoke wardrobe interiors, complete with pull-out mirrors, racks, units and even wardrobe lifts for making the most of all the space that your wardrobe has to offer, here at Hart Wholesale we offer everything you need at affordable wholesale prices.

Contact Hart Wholesale for a Selection of Wardrobe Rail Products

If you'd like more information on our wardrobe interiors and wardrobe rails, or on any of our other products, please don't hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 01702 614044. We can often source specific items, so if you're looking for something not shown here, let us know and we'll do our best to find it for you.