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One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...
When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...
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92692144DPBW Butt Hinge, BrassFrom £12.74
HI1201125Butt Hinge, Double Steel Washer£3.46
HI1201ADPBW Butt Hinge with ScrewsFrom £4.06
HI1201A1Butt Hinge, Phospher Bronze WasherFrom £1.31
HI1201ASDSSW Butt HingeFrom £4.82
HI1201DSWDSW Butt Hinge with ScrewsFrom £2.77
HI1201DSWADSW Butt Hinge£5.44
HI1245GHeavy Hinge with Screws£66.37
HIZ010AZHD Double Washered Butt Hinge From £3.32
HIM102A1Hinge, Double Phosphor WasheredFrom £4.57
HIF107APhosphor Washered Hinge From £10.29
HIF108ADouble Phosphor Washered Hinge From £7.03
92108042Butt Hinge, DPBW, Brass£12.51
92117068DPBW Butt Hinge, Brass£8.33
92685000DPBW Butt Hinge, Brass£2.76
92685010DSW Butt Hinge, Solid Drawn Brass£2.04
92649044DPBW Butt Hinge, Brass£9.37
92649034DPBW Butt Hinge, Brass£5.17
92653024Butt Hinge, Extruded Brass £1.64
92690068DPBW Butt Hinge, Brass £15.38
92108005DPBW Butt Hinge, BrassFrom £3.68
92108060DPBW Projection Butt Hinge, BrassFrom £14.11
HIF110AProjection Hinge, Brass From £26.44
HIF111DBL Phosphor Bronze Washered Hinge From £8.88
HIF138ADBL Phosphor Bronze Washered Hinge From £5.91
HIF139ABall Bearing Hinge From £7.15
HIF140ADBL Phosphor Bronze Washered Hinge From £10.46
HIF141ADouble Steel Washered Hinge From £4.69
HI1201CPhosphor Bronze Washered Hinge From £12.64
92683232DSSW Butt HingeFrom £1.76
92683242DPBW Butt HingeFrom £4.13
HIC156AWashered Hinge, Grade 10From £3.44
HIC157AWashered Hinge, Grade 10From £3.36
HI1201AEDPBW Butt Hinge, Heavy DutyFrom £34.59
HI1243Simonswerk Hinge, BrassFrom £37.14
HI12431Simonswerk Hinge, BrassFrom £17.06
92108072DPBW Projection Butt Hinge, Brass From £30.03
92690085Butt Hinge, Brass£1.88
92690118DPBW Butt Hinge, Brass£11.80