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For a room that screams peaceful atmosphere, almost everyone will look towards perfecting their bedroom, whilst some will think of their study and a lucky few will think of a personal library...
Living in an age of materialism can be quite difficult; keeping up with the times often results in a plethora of stuff around the house that we don’t always need, inevitably resulting in outcries of ‘We need more space!’...
We have been using mirrors for thousands of years, but when did the mirror as we know it come into popular use? If you’ve ever wondered how mirrors were created, or how they work, this blog has the answers you need...
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HI1201ADPBW Butt Hinge with ScrewsFrom £4.06
HI1201A1Butt Hinge, Phospher Bronze WasherFrom £1.31
HI1201AEDPBW Butt Hinge, Heavy DutyFrom £34.59
HI1201ASDSSW Butt HingeFrom £4.82
HI1201CPhosphor Bronze Washered HingeFrom £12.64
HI1201DSWDSW Butt Hinge with ScrewsFrom £2.77
HI1243Simonswerk Hinge, BrassFrom £37.14
HI12431Simonswerk Hinge, BrassFrom £17.06
HIC156AWashered Hinge, Grade 10From £3.33
HIC157AWashered Hinge, Grade 10From £3.26
HIF107APhosphor Washered HingeFrom £10.29
HIF108ADouble Phosphor Washered HingeFrom £7.03
HIF110AProjection Hinge, BrassFrom £26.44
HIF111DBL Phosphor Bronze Washered HingeFrom £8.88
HIF138ADBL Phosphor Bronze Washered HingeFrom £5.91
HIF139ABall Bearing HingeFrom £7.15
HIF140ADBL Phosphor Bronze Washered HingeFrom £10.46
HIF141ADouble Steel Washered HingeFrom £4.69
HIZ010AZHD Double Washered Butt HingeFrom £3.32
HIM102A1Hinge, Double Phosphor WasheredFrom £4.76
92108005DPBW Butt Hinge, BrassFrom £3.79
92108060DPBW Projection Butt Hinge, BrassFrom £14.51
92108070DPBW Projection Butt Hinge, BrassFrom £30.86
92683232DSSW Butt HingeFrom £1.81
92683242DPBW Butt HingeFrom £4.24
92692142DPBW Butt Hinge, BrassFrom £3.85
HI1201125Butt Hinge, Double Steel Washer£3.46
HI1201DSWADSW Butt Hinge£5.44
HI1245GHeavy Hinge with Screws£66.37
92108042Butt Hinge, DPBW, Brass£9.39
92117068DPBW Butt Hinge, Brass£8.56
92685000DPBW Butt Hinge, Brass£2.83
92685010DSW Butt Hinge, Solid Drawn Brass£2.09
92649044DPBW Butt Hinge, Brass£9.63
92649034DPBW Butt Hinge, Brass£5.31
92653024Butt Hinge, Extruded Brass £1.69
92690068DPBW Butt Hinge, Brass £15.81
92690085Butt Hinge, Brass£1.41
92690118DPBW Butt Hinge, Brass£12.13