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Wire Baskets   Back to Pull-Out Fittings

KA1544Base Unit Pull-Out, ClassicFrom £97.84
54091208Side Rails for External Fronts £23.05
54525220Pull Out Storage Unit, Steel£31.77
54548248Pull Out Cleaning Materials Basket£143.96
54568220Pull Out Storage Unit Frame, Steel£53.91
54568296Plastic Divider Piece£0.59
54568297Cleaning Materials Tray Piece£2.25
54621233Pull Out Storage Unit, Steel, Linea£46.38
KAREVO90SCArena Classic Revo 90 Corner Unit £283.07
54535260Storage Baskets Pull Out Unit £39.93
54538200Storage Baskets Pull Out Unit £46.08
54639995Vauth-Sagel DSA Pull Out Storage £75.96
54640310Vauth-Sagel DSA Storage Basket £51.41
54640340Vauth-Sagel DSA Storage Basket £49.45
54640610Vauth-Sagel DSA Storage Basket £42.34
52086710Hose/Tube Rack £9.64
52093720Pull-Out Vacuum Cleaner Rack £148.94
54568202Pull Out Undersink Basket, SteelFrom £126.00
KSR30CSpice Rack, 4 TierFrom £13.71
54927230Pull Out Storage Unit £88.43
50459221Pull Down Wire Shelf, 2 TierFrom £189.17
52093700Pull-Out Broom Holder, Full ExtFrom £63.05
54003701Pull Out Basket SetFrom £68.59
54017230Pull Out Storage BasketFrom £10.68
54018201Pull Out Vegetable Basket, SteelFrom £18.60
54023202Pull Out Storage BasketFrom £3.78
54048212Pull Out Storage Basket, 2 TierFrom £44.83
54207750Slide Corner Shelving UnitFrom £334.51
54512252Vauth-Sagel 90° Storage BasketFrom £92.81
54512272Vauth-Sagel 90° Storage BasketFrom £91.41
54512282Vauth-Sagel 90° Storage BasketFrom £94.44
54525200Storage Baskets Pull Out UnitFrom £19.27
54535203Multipurpose Pull Out Unit, SteelFrom £122.85
54535265Storage Baskets Pull Out UnitFrom £63.24
54640303Vauth-Sagel DSA Storage Basket SetFrom £56.32
54641322Vauth-Sagel DSA Storage Basket 45°From £79.61
54721-1010Storage Basket, Mesh Wire, Spare£35.96
54721090HSA Power Move MotorFrom £11.94
54801202Vauth-Sagel Pull Out Storage BasketFrom £100.14
54801204Vauth-Sagel Pull Out Storage BasketFrom £14.83
54827903Vauth-Sagel FlexCorner Frame SetFrom £211.73
54828203Vauth-Sagel FlexCorner Basket SetFrom £77.37
54942340Corner Shelving Unit, Pull OutFrom £189.67
54942990Corner Pull Out Frame, SteelFrom £53.53
54957223VSA Swing Out Larder UnitFrom £354.32

Pull out wire baskets are great options for users looking for convenience and extra storage space. The fact that they come out of the furniture units, allow users to see what product they are picking up due to the added light.