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DR360GWood Cutlery Tray, MouldedFrom £16.21
55653310Knife Block, Beech Plywood£56.29
55653312Spice Jar Insert, Beech Plywood£38.92
55732315Cutlery Inserts for Beech Drawers£31.23
DR917NINKA Cutlery Insert, Plastic£7.94
55027406Wooden Cutlery Insert £29.39
DR360Beech Cutlery Tray for TandemboxFrom £33.31
55698202eXTray Expanding Insert,Jars/Knives £107.05
55698381Plate Stack Drawer Insert£49.57
55698385Plate Stack Drawer Insert£65.47
55366482eXTray Expanding Cutlery InsertFrom £43.37
55639240Spice Jar Insert£26.30
55639261Knife Block InsertFrom £34.28
55698380Plate Stack Drawer Insert, BeechFrom £36.40
55698390Plate Stack Drawer InsertFrom £10.81
55698501eXTray Expanding Insert,Jars/KnivesFrom £76.83

In the section above you will see our collection of wooden cutlery trays, knife holders, chopping boards and spice racks. All of which offer great designs that will help improve your kitchens organization and storage space. We also stock various tray accessories such as dividers and expanding inserts. Get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions about the products offered onthis page.