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Hart Wholesale | Office Furniture | Workstation Fittings

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81811976LCD Short Arm UnadjustableFrom £9.97
81856210Integral Hanging Bar Set, LongFrom £1.91
81856260Integral A4 Tray, Portrait, PlasticFrom £3.70
81857203Integral A4 Stationery Tray,PlasticFrom £7.35
42772302MX Suspension Filing FrameFrom £12.97
42957308Extending Pencil Tray, PlasticFrom £41.63
42998309Paper Guide, 440 x 30mm, PlasticFrom £15.94
63101300Vertical Cable Management, LinkFrom £24.61
63256300IZON Pull Out Keyboard Tray, MDFFrom £110.78
63974330IZON CPU Holder, Fixed, Steel/NylonFrom £35.47
81810920Office Econo Post Base, AluminiumFrom £16.60
81849103Single Filing Tray, A4, PlasticFrom £2.19
81850360Multi-tray Housing, A4, PlasticFrom £46.77
81856251Integral A4 Tray, Landscape,PlasticFrom £4.02
82271021Vertical Powerdock with USBFrom £62.29
82280500Vertical PowerdockFrom £108.87
63114301Wire Double Tier Cable ChannelFrom £20.35
63115301Wire Single Tier Cable ChannelFrom £15.58
77166300IDEA 300/400 CPU Holder U Bracket£2.35
81811942LCD Swivel Mid Arm, AdjustableFrom £17.75
63133401Cable Trunking Leg Clip, Plastic£0.62
81856200Integral Hanging Bar Set, Short£2.08
40641820Dust Cover Strip, Aluminium/Nylon£29.91
42253900Accuride CC5AD Cable Carrier, Steel£39.91
42462250Laptop Pull-Out Security Drawer£17.30
42998318Paper Guide, 318 x 21mm, Plastic£0.79
63210500Swivel Arm For Flat Screens, Short£187.12
63210510Swivel Arm For Flat Screens, Long£239.57
63252300IZON Standard Keyboard Tray, Steel£176.41
63252310IZON Deluxe Keyboard Tray, Steel£215.87
63508971Table Leg, Ø50mm, Stainless Steel£51.49
LIF1850Pop-up Socket, PowerPortFrom £35.42
63974900IZON CPU Holder, Swivelling£89.17
81811965Office Double Sliding Clamp£15.23
81811969Office Single Sliding Clamp£15.06
81811980Ellipta Wall Mounting Bracket£7.80
81849194Single Filing Tray Guides, Plastic£0.44
82222310Cable Trunking, Soft Top, Plastic£14.28
DR952Desk Paper Tidy£3.20
82282321Standard Vertical Powerdock £47.93
82264006QI Aircharge USB Charging Hub £70.17
82264007QI Aircharge USB UK Plug £5.62
81852312Tool Bar Set, Edge Clamping £112.33
81858326Tray Set Swivel Arm, Edge Clamping £112.73
82264009Pop-Up USB Charger £47.26
LIF4116AWUSB-S Surface USB £10.37
LIF4117AWUSB-R Recessed USB £9.50
LIF1850SSPop-up Socket, PowerPort £68.26
42980316Extending Keyboard Tray, Plastic£42.91
63522270Adjustable Peninsular Support Leg£56.30
PC2S1Evoline Port Socket Popup TowerFrom £148.85
82264039Wireless Surface Charger £49.18
81858946Integral A4 Tray Set, Plastic £78.00
81811903Ellipta Monitor Long Arm, Aluminium£77.10
81810901Office Swivel Arm Post, Aluminium£14.99
63974920IZON CPU Holder, Fixed, Steel/Nylon £67.55

Providing your workers or yourself with a stable and organized working environment should be important for any employer.

Our stock includes several trays, tray dividers, computer monitor arms, filing tray guides, cable trunking and pop up plug sockets. It don't matter if you are new business organizing or designing your new offeice space, or if you want more organization and added convenience working at home, Hart Wholesale provide high quality products that will improve any workstation space.