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Bored with your kitchen but can't afford a complete makeover? Here are some quick and simple ways to update your kitchen from off the peg to bespoke with a few simple design and DIY tricks...
Modern kitchens are not generally designed to be mobility friendly, fixed worktops and fitted appliances may be great for most people, but they cause lots of problems for people with limited movement...
If you're ready to make the switch to energy and time-efficient LEDs, you don't have to limit yourself to conventional bulbs...

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56271993Apollo Quartz Installation and CareFrom £35.56
00374590PS55 Steaming Tool£296.61
56413999Apollo Slab Tech Kit £47.08
56270363Apollo Solid Worktop SurfaceFrom £553.71
56270434Apollo Magna Solid Worktop SurfaceFrom £412.66
56270448Apollo Magna Solid Worktop SurfaceFrom £412.66
56270511Apollo Magna Solid Worktop SurfaceFrom £473.19
56270644Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £308.52
56270672Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £297.78
56413031Apollo Slab Tech Solid WorktopFrom £25.93
56414015Lab20 Solid WorktopFrom £19.13
56414055Lab20 Solid WorktopFrom £19.13
56269863Apollo Slab Tech Solid Worktop From £25.93
56271988Minerva Care and Maintenance Set £31.31
56271989Maia Care and Maintenance Set £30.36
56413644Apollo Slab Tech Solid Upstand£60.28
56413646Apollo Slab Tech Solid Upstand£108.22
56413684Apollo Slab Tech Solid Upstand£60.28
56413686Apollo Slab Tech Solid Upstand£108.22
56413774Apollo Slab Tech Solid Upstand£60.28
56413776Apollo Slab Tech Solid Upstand£108.22
56269853Apollo Slab Tech Solid WorktopFrom £25.93
56269855Apollo Slab Tech Solid WorktopFrom £25.93
56269857Apollo Slab Tech Solid WorktopFrom £45.66
56269860Apollo Slab Tech Solid WorktopFrom £25.93
56269861Apollo Slab Tech Solid WorktopFrom £25.93
56269862Apollo Slab Tech Solid WorktopFrom £25.93
56270410Apollo Magna Solid WorktopFrom £19.61
56270426Apollo Magna Solid WorktopFrom £19.61
56270441Apollo Magna Solid WorktopFrom £19.61
56270455Apollo Magna Solid WorktopFrom £19.61
56270469Apollo Magna Solid WorktopFrom £19.61
56270476Apollo Magna Solid WorktopFrom £19.61
56270509Apollo Magna Solid Worktop Surface£459.41
56270518Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £69.03
56270546Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £70.71
56270574Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £70.71
56270588Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £70.71
56270602Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £70.71
56270616Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £70.71
56270630Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £70.71
56270658Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £70.71
56270686Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £70.71
56270700Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £70.71
56270728Apollo Quartz WorktopFrom £70.71
56414085Lab20 Solid WorktopFrom £52.67
56414175Lab20 Solid WorktopFrom £52.67
56413134Apollo Slab Tech Solid Worktop£743.92
56413732Apollo Slab Tech Solid Worktop£74.98
56413734Apollo Slab Tech Solid Worktop£68.17
56413736Apollo Slab Tech Solid Worktop£108.22