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Professional tradesmen are generally aware that trying to save money by purchasing cheap tools is a false economy and it makes more sense to invest in good quality brands...
The kitchen is the heart of the home and design trends are always changing - so why not let Hart Wholesale help you get a handle on new kitchen trends? If you want to deliver an on-trend kitchen for your clients, then nothing updates cabinets faster than new handles...
As we move on from winter and into the warmer weather of spring, a feeling of freshness emanates the air...

Zinc Alloy Lever Handles   Back to Modern Lever Handles

DHA109AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA110AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA111AMediterranean Lever HandleFrom £15.20
DHA112AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA113AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA114AMediterranean Lever Handle£13.60
DHA115AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA116AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA117AMediterranean Lever HandleFrom £15.20
DHA118AMediterranean Lever HandleFrom £13.60
DHA119AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA120AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA121AMediterranean Lever HandleFrom £15.20
DHA123AMediterranean Lever Handle£16.80
DHA124AMediterranean Lever Handle£13.60
DHA125AMediterranean Lever Handle£16.80
DHA126AMediterranean Lever Handle£13.60
DHA127AMediterranean Lever Handle£20.00
DHA128AMediterranean Lever Handle£24.80
90020242Arkles Lever Handle on Rose £9.57
DHZ109AZPZ Adria Lever Handle £10.70
DHZ110AZPZ Atlanta Lever Handle £10.70
DHZ111AZPZ Venus Lever Handle £10.70
DHZ112AZPZ Saturn Lever Handle £10.70
DHZ113AZPZ Olympus Lever Handle £10.70
DHZ114AZPZ Minerva Lever Handle £12.49
DHZ115AZPZ Apollo Lever Handle £10.10
DHZ116AZPZ Luna Lever Handle £10.70
DHZ123AZCZ Girona Lever Handle £10.24
90020852URBION Lever Handle, Zinc Alloy£15.61
90020422Cropston Lever Handle on RoseFrom £7.07
90020452Venmore Lever Handle on RoseFrom £8.77
DHZ167ARosso Maniglie Pavo Lever Handle From £14.83
90020884COLLARADA Lever Handle, Zinc Alloy £15.24
DFZ098AZPZ EscutcheonFrom £1.44
DFZ099AZCZ EscutcheonFrom £1.17
DHZ101AZPZ Assisi Lever HandleFrom £9.79
DHZ102AZPZ Florence Lever HandleFrom £9.79
DHZ103AZPZ Milan Lever HandleFrom £10.70
DHZ104AZPZ Siena Lever HandleFrom £9.79
DHZ105AZPZ Verona Lever HandleFrom £9.79
DHZ106AZPZ Venice Lever HandleFrom £9.79
DHZ107AZPZ Amalfi Lever HandleFrom £9.79
DHZ108AZPZ Lucca Lever HandleFrom £9.79
DHZ117AZPZ Venice Lever HandleFrom £11.24
DHZ118AZPZ Amalfi Lever HandleFrom £11.24
DHZ119AZCZ Leon Lever HandleFrom £8.01
DHZ120AZCZ Santiago Lever HandleFrom £8.01
DHZ121AZCZ Toledo Lever HandleFrom £8.01
DHZ122AZCZ Seville Lever HandleFrom £8.45
DHZ124AZCZ Leon Lever HandleFrom £8.55
DHZ125AZCZ Toledo Lever HandleFrom £8.55
DHZ126ARosso Maniglie Hydra Lever HandleFrom £16.64
DHZ127ARosso Maniglie Lupus Lever HandleFrom £14.84
DHZ128ARosso Maniglie Pavo Lever HandleFrom £14.84
DHZ129ARosso Maniglie Cygnus Lever HandleFrom £15.74
DHZ130ARosso Maniglie Mensa Lever HandleFrom £16.64
DHZ131ARosso Maniglie Aries Lever HandleFrom £18.44
DHZ132ARosso Maniglie Corvus Lever HandleFrom £14.83
DHZ133APRO Victorian Scroll Lever HandleFrom £5.12
DHZ134APRO Victorian Scroll Lever HandleFrom £4.77
DHZ135APRO Arundel Lever HandleFrom £6.21
DHZ152ARosso Maniglie Lyra Lever HandleFrom £13.48
DHZ153ARosso Maniglie Aquila Lever HandleFrom £18.25
DHZ154ARosso Maniglie Vela Lever HandleFrom £12.86
DHZ155ARosso Maniglie Draco Lever HandleFrom £13.75
DHZ156ARosso Maniglie Escutcheon, RoundFrom £1.36
DHZ157ARosso Maniglie Hydra Lever HandleFrom £16.64
DHZ158ARosso Maniglie Lupus Lever HandleFrom £14.84
DHZ159ARosso Maniglie Mensa Lever HandleFrom £16.64
DHZ164ARosso Maniglie Aries Lever HandleFrom £20.95
DHZ165ARosso Maniglie Lyra Lever HandleFrom £15.55
DHZ166ARosso Maniglie Draco Lever HandleFrom £15.82
DHZ116BZPZ Vesta Lever Handle £10.70
DHZ166JRosso Maniglie Pave Lever Handle From £12.00
DHZ166LRosso Maniglie Vela Lever Handle From £12.00
DHZ166NRosso Maniglie Draco Lever Handle From £12.00
DHZ163ARosso Maniglie Escutcheon, SquareFrom £2.26
90020062Varthen Lever Handle on RoseFrom £9.03
90020402Drayton Lever Handle on RoseFrom £5.70
90020412Sywell Lever Handle on RoseFrom £6.11
90020432Pitsford Lever Handle on RoseFrom £8.17
90020832SAN LORENZO Lever Handle,Zinc AlloyFrom £14.85
90020842ALMANZOR Lever Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £15.99
90021142OLTON Lever HandleFrom £9.30
90021182WELFORD Lever HandleFrom £8.89
90021712StarTec LUBI Straight Lever HandleFrom £29.24
90121362StarTec TIRZA Lever handleFrom £54.53
90121812StarTec STEALTH Lever HandleFrom £38.58
90178320VARTHEN Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £9.03
90178326OLTON Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £8.75
90178332WELFORD Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £9.49
90178338Arkles Lever Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £10.26
90178341SYWELL Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £7.27
90178374Lever Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £6.24
90180812Multipoint Lever HandleFrom £36.25
90180826Multipoint Lever HandleFrom £10.69
90199990Lever Handle on Plate, Zinc AlloyFrom £6.08
DHF208AMagro Lever HandleFrom £39.75
DHF209ACollina Lever HandleFrom £41.59
DHF210AEbony Lever HandleFrom £83.19
90020862LA MUNIA Lever Handle, Zinc Alloy£18.04
90020892PERDIDO Lever Handle, Zinc Alloy£15.24
90020894PERDIDO Lever Handle, Zinc Alloy£15.24
90020922EMELIUS Lever Handle, Zinc Alloy£16.12
90020442Thornton Lever Handle on Rose From £8.46
90020932MARMALADO Lever Handle, Zinc Alloy£22.75
90020982StarTec ANIKA Lever Handle £24.88
90021742StarTec VIVA Straight Lever Handle£19.32
90021202Startec NAPA Lever Handle £29.80
90021402Startec DION Lever Handle £29.80
90021752Startec SIENNA Lever Handle £25.76
90021766Startec URBAN Lever Handle £66.74
90021776Startec VOLA Lever Handle £66.74
90178350DRAYTON Lever Handle on Backplate From £6.44