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  There are few things more aggravating than the constant slamming of cabinets and doors, but your home shouldn’t be a stressful atmosphere...
For a room that screams peaceful atmosphere, almost everyone will look towards perfecting their bedroom, whilst some will think of their study and a lucky few will think of a personal library...
Living in an age of materialism can be quite difficult; keeping up with the times often results in a plethora of stuff around the house that we don’t always need, inevitably resulting in outcries of ‘We need more space!’...

Zinc Alloy Lever Handles   Back to Modern Lever Handles

90020432Pitsford Lever Handle on Rose£8.61
90020452Venmore Lever Handle on Rose£9.02
90020402Drayton Lever Handle on RoseFrom £5.90
90020412Sywell Lever Handle on RoseFrom £6.28
90020422Cropston Lever Handle on RoseFrom £7.26
90020442Thornton Lever Handle on RoseFrom £8.69
90020832SAN LORENZO Lever Handle,Zinc AlloyFrom £5.84
90020842ALMANZOR Lever Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £16.44
90178341SYWELL Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £7.47
90178350DRAYTON Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £2.06
90199990Lever Handle on Plate, Zinc AlloyFrom £6.25
DFZ098AZPZ EscutcheonFrom £1.50
DFZ099AZCZ EscutcheonFrom £1.22
DHA117AMediterranean Lever HandleFrom £15.20
DHA118AMediterranean Lever HandleFrom £13.60
DHA121AMediterranean Lever HandleFrom £15.20
DHF208AMagro Lever HandleFrom £39.75
DHF209ACollina Lever HandleFrom £41.59
DHF210AEbony Lever HandleFrom £83.19
DHZ101AZPZ Assisi Lever HandleFrom £10.18
DHZ102AZPZ Florence Lever HandleFrom £10.18
DHZ103AZPZ Milan Lever HandleFrom £11.14
DHZ104AZPZ Siena Lever HandleFrom £10.18
DHZ105AZPZ Verona Lever HandleFrom £10.18
DHZ106AZPZ Venice Lever HandleFrom £10.18
DHZ107AZPZ Amalfi Lever HandleFrom £10.18
DHZ108AZPZ Lucca Lever HandleFrom £10.18
DHZ117AZPZ Venice Lever HandleFrom £11.70
DHZ118AZPZ Amalfi Lever HandleFrom £11.70
DHZ119AZCZ Leon Lever HandleFrom £8.32
DHZ120AZCZ Santiago Lever HandleFrom £8.32
DHZ121AZCZ Toledo Lever HandleFrom £8.32
DHZ122AZCZ Seville Lever HandleFrom £8.78
DHZ124AZCZ Leon Lever HandleFrom £8.88
DHZ125AZCZ Toledo Lever HandleFrom £8.88
DHZ126ARosso Maniglie Hydra Lever HandleFrom £16.64
DHZ127ARosso Maniglie Lupus Lever HandleFrom £14.84
DHZ128ARosso Maniglie Pavo Lever HandleFrom £14.84
DHZ129ARosso Maniglie Cygnus Lever HandleFrom £15.74
DHZ130ARosso Maniglie Mensa Lever HandleFrom £16.64
DHZ131ARosso Maniglie Aries Lever HandleFrom £18.44
DHZ132ARosso Maniglie Corvus Lever HandleFrom £14.83
DHZ133APRO Victorian Scroll Lever HandleFrom £5.33
DHZ134APRO Victorian Scroll Lever HandleFrom £4.96
DHZ135APRO Arundel Lever HandleFrom £6.46
DHZ152ARosso Maniglie Lyra Lever HandleFrom £13.48
DHZ153ARosso Maniglie Aquila Lever HandleFrom £18.25
DHZ154ARosso Maniglie Vela Lever HandleFrom £12.86
DHZ155ARosso Maniglie Draco Lever HandleFrom £13.75
DHZ156ARosso Maniglie Escutcheon, RoundFrom £1.41
DHZ157ARosso Maniglie Hydra Lever HandleFrom £17.31
DHZ158ARosso Maniglie Lupus Lever HandleFrom £15.44
DHZ159ARosso Maniglie Mensa Lever HandleFrom £17.31
DHZ163ARosso Maniglie Escutcheon, SquareFrom £2.26
DHZ164ARosso Maniglie Aries Lever HandleFrom £20.95
DHZ165ARosso Maniglie Lyra Lever HandleFrom £15.55
DHZ166ARosso Maniglie Draco Lever HandleFrom £15.82
DHZ166JRosso Maniglie Pave Lever HandleFrom £12.00
DHZ166LRosso Maniglie Vela Lever HandleFrom £12.00
DHZ166NRosso Maniglie Draco Lever HandleFrom £12.00
DHZ167ARosso Maniglie Pavo Lever HandleFrom £14.83
90020062VARTHEN Lever handleFrom £9.28
90021142OLTON Lever HandleFrom £9.56
90021182WELFORD Lever HandleFrom £9.14
90021712StarTec LUBI Straight Lever HandleFrom £14.06
90022002GILMAN Lever handleFrom £9.26
90121362StarTec TIRZA Lever handleFrom £23.48
90121643FOSIL Lever Handle on RoseFrom £28.82
90121653IRIS Lever Handle on RoseFrom £28.60
90121663MIMAS Lever Handle on RoseFrom £31.12
90121673ELARA Lever Handle on RoseFrom £28.91
90121691DESPINA Lever Handle on RoseFrom £30.76
90121701AXEL-T Lever Handle on RoseFrom £28.92
90121702ROCKET Lever Handle on RoseFrom £29.85
90121812StarTec STEALTH Lever HandleFrom £39.64
90178320VARTHEN Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £9.28
90178326OLTON Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £9.00
90178332WELFORD Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £9.75
90178338Arkles Lever Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £10.54
90178374Lever Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £6.42
90180812Multipoint Lever HandleFrom £37.25
90180826Multipoint Lever HandleFrom £5.49
90121723AXES-T Lever Handle on Rose£34.08
DHA111AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA109AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA110AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA112AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA113AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA114AMediterranean Lever Handle£13.60
DHA115AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA116AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA119AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA120AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.20
DHA123AMediterranean Lever Handle£16.80
DHA124AMediterranean Lever Handle£13.60
DHA125AMediterranean Lever Handle£16.80
DHA126AMediterranean Lever Handle£15.97
DHA127AMediterranean Lever Handle£20.00
DHA128AMediterranean Lever Handle£24.80
90020242Arkles Lever Handle on Rose £9.84
DHZ109AZPZ Adria Lever Handle £11.14
DHZ110AZPZ Atlanta Lever Handle £11.14
DHZ111AZPZ Venus Lever Handle £11.14
DHZ112AZPZ Saturn Lever Handle £11.14
DHZ113AZPZ Olympus Lever Handle £11.14
DHZ114AZPZ Minerva Lever Handle £11.14
DHZ115AZPZ Apollo Lever Handle £10.10
DHZ116AZPZ Luna Lever Handle £11.14
DHZ123AZCZ Girona Lever Handle £9.71
DHZ116BZPZ Vesta Lever Handle £11.14
90020862LA MUNIA Lever Handle, Zinc Alloy£10.79
90020894PERDIDO Lever Handle, Zinc Alloy£4.46
90020932MARMALADO Lever Handle, Zinc Alloy£23.38
90020982StarTec ANIKA Lever Handle £25.57
90021742StarTec VIVA Straight Lever Handle£19.86
90021202Startec NAPA Lever Handle £30.62
90021402Startec DION Lever Handle £30.62
90021752Startec SIENNA Lever Handle £26.48
90021766Startec URBAN Lever Handle £68.59
90021776Startec VOLA Lever Handle £68.59