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We have been using mirrors for thousands of years, but when did the mirror as we know it come into popular use? If you’ve ever wondered how mirrors were created, or how they work, this blog has the answers you need...
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Ventilation systems are designed to provide enough air to protect workers in an industrial environment or homeowners from exposure to contaminants...

Zinc Alloy Pull Handles   Back to Cabinet Pull Handles

10218238CEYLON Pull HandleFrom £3.51
10285610LOGAN D HandleFrom £1.31
10457416SHELLEY Pull HandleFrom £2.23
10633602AZALEA Pull HandleFrom £0.73
10703225MITFORD Pull HandleFrom £0.94
10703235JUTLAND Pull HandleFrom £1.77
10703244LINCOLN D HandleFrom £1.01
10866285U Pull HandleFrom £3.11
10866293THIN Pull HandleFrom £2.83
10867204KARES Pull Handle£3.32
11022086OSAKA Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.86
11022296LAMA Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.54
11034216Tarlton Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy£2.99
11034291Monza Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £0.74
11097282ALLEGRA Pull Handle£3.43
11097473ALLEGRA Pull HandleFrom £3.27
11135201Finger Pull Handle£3.03
12440240MADDOX Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £6.45
12441202ELLA Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £3.31
10283650Bow Handle£1.95
10004401Pull Handle£4.94
10171022D Handle, Zinc Alloy£2.64
10692604D Handle£2.11
HA2010Organic Pania Handle, Zinc£3.20
HA3289Gothic D Handle£5.36
HA3290D Handle£5.10
HA3374Pull Handle, Bowed£2.27
HA73016D Handle, Rounded Curve£8.35
13755600Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy £1.57
HA3303Tapered D Handle£3.77
HA3306D Handle £1.01
10218206FALSTAFF Pull Handle £5.15
10218224OXFORD Pull Handle £5.15
11135202Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy £4.83
11261200Pull Handle £3.64
11290251Pull Handle £7.86
HA3288Pull Handle, Elegant Square£4.05
11034-0012AMIS Furniture Handle £10.48
11034-0016PINNACLE Furniture Handle £10.48
11034657Trinity Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy £4.14
11134506DUKE Pull Handle £5.43
11569208Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy £2.75
11034-0017HARPA Furniture Handle £8.39
11034-0019GALATEA Furniture Handle £10.48
11034-0020CHRYSLER Furniture Handle £10.48
11034-0021FARNSWORTH MINI Furniture Handle £11.74
11117004Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy£2.87
10142003D Handle, Zinc Alloy£5.82
HA75001ABar Handle, Oval Bar£8.70
12302130MAYBERRY Knob £2.01
15140650MAYBERRY Cup Handle £2.46
11041234Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy £5.60
10169445OBERON Pull Handle £1.30
11034-0013AMIS GRANDE Furniture Handle £13.11