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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...

Zinc Alloy Pull Handles   Back to Cabinet Pull Handles

10866285U Pull HandleFrom £2.81
10283650Bow Handle£1.76
10004401Pull Handle£4.46
10171022D Handle, Zinc Alloy£1.96
10692604D Handle£1.91
10794400Finger Pull Handle£3.11
11156002D Handle£2.24
HA2010Organic Pania Handle, Zinc£3.20
HA3289Gothic D Handle£5.06
11034655Trinity Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £3.54
HA3290D Handle£5.10
HA3374Pull Handle, Bowed£2.27
HA73016D Handle, Rounded Curve£8.35
13755600Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy £1.41
11166203Finger Pull Handle £10.59
HA3303Tapered D Handle£3.77
HA3306D Handle £1.01
10218206FALSTAFF Pull Handle £4.65
10218224OXFORD Pull Handle £4.65
11135202Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy £4.37
11261200Pull Handle £3.29
11290251Pull Handle £7.10
12072200ELLIS Pull Handle £3.40
HA3288Pull Handle, Elegant Square£4.05
10218235CEYLON Pull HandleFrom £1.79
10866293THIN Pull HandleFrom £2.75
11034291Monza Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £1.26
11134106DUKE Pull HandleFrom £3.15
11135201Finger Pull HandleFrom £2.61
12441201Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £3.07
11034-0012AMIS Furniture Handle £10.20
11034-0013AMIS GRANDE Furniture Handle £12.75
11034-0014CASA MILA Furniture Handle £6.80
11034-0015CASA MILA Furniture Handle £6.80
11034-0016PINNACLE Furniture Handle £10.20
11034-0017HARPA Furniture Handle £8.16
11034-0018HARPA Furniture Handle £8.16
11034-0019GALATEA Furniture Handle £10.20
11034-0020CHRYSLER Furniture Handle £10.20
11034-0021FARNSWORTH MINI Furniture Handle £11.43
11034-0022FARNSWORTH Furniture Handle £11.43
11035-0005ALMAS Furniture Handle £10.20
11116202Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy£17.29
11117004Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy£7.65
10142003D Handle, Zinc Alloy£5.25
HA75001ABar Handle, Oval Bar£8.70
11034216Tarlton Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £2.91
11569206Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £1.48
10789033Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy£6.05
10703225MITFORD Pull Handle From £0.80
10703244LINCOLN D Handle From £0.91
12302130MAYBERRY Knob £1.82
15140650MAYBERRY Cup Handle £2.23
10285610LOGAN D HandleFrom £1.18
10633602AZALEA Pull HandleFrom £0.66
10867204KARES Pull HandleFrom £3.00
11022086OSAKA Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.30
11022296LAMA Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.01
11097282ALLEGRA Pull HandleFrom £2.19
11097473ALLEGRA Pull HandleFrom £2.96
12440240MADDOX Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.82
12441202ELLA Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £2.99
10457416SHELLEY Pull Handle From £2.01
11041234Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy £5.45
10169445OBERON Pull Handle £1.17
10703235JUTLAND Pull HandleFrom £1.60