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Upcycling your furniture can be a rewarding job, but more than that, it can quickly turn into an enjoyable hobby, or even a career...
One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...

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BFS003AZwei L Towel Bar RackFrom £217.60
BRS001AZwei L Shelf ClampFrom £296.06
DFS006AZwei L Door KnobFrom £103.09
DFS007AZwei L Door KnobFrom £163.39
DFS008AZwei L Door KnobFrom £212.56
DFS014AZwei L Door StopperFrom £113.47
DHS006AZwei L Cabinet KnobFrom £41.31
DHS008AZwei L Plate/Screw SetFrom £16.42
DHS009AZwei L Cabinet HandleFrom £34.77
DHS010AZwei L Cabinet HandleFrom £53.17
DHS011AZwei L Recessed Pull HandleFrom £164.78
DHS012AZwei L Pull HandleFrom £398.34
DHS015AZwei L Door Handle, One SideFrom £456.50
DHS016AZwei L Door Handle, Each SideFrom £1005.82
DHS017AZwei L Door Handle, One SideFrom £168.93
DHS018AZwei L Door Handle, Each SideFrom £356.74
HIS001AZwei L Door HingeFrom £756.35
HIS004AZwei L Glass ClampFrom £55.22
BFS001AZwei L Mirror Support £379.97
BFS002AZwei L Mirror Support £2081.25
BFS004AZwei L Towel Bar £1146.78
BRS002AZwei L Shelf Clamp £108.82
BRS003AZwei L Shelf Clamp £248.05
DFS001AZwei L Hook, Double £355.87
DFS002AZwei L Hook, Single £111.34
DFS003AZwei L Hook, Hollow £82.32
DFS004AZwei L Case Latch £620.08
DFS005AZwei L Glass Hinge £286.34
DFS009AZwei L Escutcheon £49.34
DFS010AZwei L Indicator £97.84
DFS011AZwei L Thumbturn £70.42
DFS012AZwei L Thumbturn Knob £46.70
DFS013AZwei L Door Stopper £46.75
DFS015AZwei L Door Stopper £171.90
DFS016AZwei L Turn Knob Lever Bolt £517.15
DFS017AZwei L Turn Knob Lever Bolt £515.15
DHS001AZwei L Cabinet Knob £40.86
DHS002AZwei L Cabinet Knob £46.11
DHS003AZwei L Cabinet Knob £54.16
DHS004AZwei L Cabinet Knob £31.87
DHS005AZwei L Cabinet Knob £30.40
DHS007AZwei L Cabinet Knob £116.85
DHS013AZwei L Push Knob £159.97
DHS014AZwei L Push Knob Latch £113.50
DHS019AZwei L Lever Handle £489.26
DHS020AZwei L Lever Handle £457.50
DHS021AZwei L Lever Handle £720.61
HIS002AZwei L Glass Door Hinge £572.67
HIS003AZwei L Glass Door Hinge £1120.82