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When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...
Aventos lift systems provide an absolutely effortless way to open and close kitchen cabinets, as they open upwards no matter how heavy the cupboard door happens to be...
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a fundamental component of health and safety for any building environment...

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BFS003AZwei L Towel Bar RackFrom £217.60
BRS001AZwei L Shelf ClampFrom £296.06
DFS006AZwei L Door KnobFrom £103.09
DFS007AZwei L Door KnobFrom £163.39
DFS008AZwei L Door KnobFrom £212.56
DFS014AZwei L Door StopperFrom £113.47
DHS006AZwei L Cabinet KnobFrom £41.31
DHS008AZwei L Plate/Screw SetFrom £16.42
DHS009AZwei L Cabinet HandleFrom £34.77
DHS010AZwei L Cabinet HandleFrom £53.17
DHS011AZwei L Recessed Pull HandleFrom £164.78
DHS012AZwei L Pull HandleFrom £398.34
DHS015AZwei L Door Handle, One SideFrom £456.50
DHS016AZwei L Door Handle, Each SideFrom £1005.82
DHS017AZwei L Door Handle, One SideFrom £168.93
DHS018AZwei L Door Handle, Each SideFrom £356.74
HIS001AZwei L Door HingeFrom £756.35
HIS004AZwei L Glass ClampFrom £55.22
BFS001AZwei L Mirror Support £379.97
BFS002AZwei L Mirror Support £2081.25
BFS004AZwei L Towel Bar £1146.78
BRS002AZwei L Shelf Clamp £108.82
BRS003AZwei L Shelf Clamp £248.05
DFS001AZwei L Hook, Double £355.87
DFS002AZwei L Hook, Single £111.34
DFS003AZwei L Hook, Hollow £82.32
DFS004AZwei L Case Latch £620.08
DFS005AZwei L Glass Hinge £286.34
DFS009AZwei L Escutcheon £49.34
DFS010AZwei L Indicator £97.84
DFS011AZwei L Thumbturn £70.42
DFS012AZwei L Thumbturn Knob £46.70
DFS013AZwei L Door Stopper £46.75
DFS015AZwei L Door Stopper £171.90
DFS016AZwei L Turn Knob Lever Bolt £517.15
DFS017AZwei L Turn Knob Lever Bolt £515.15
DHS001AZwei L Cabinet Knob £40.86
DHS002AZwei L Cabinet Knob £46.11
DHS003AZwei L Cabinet Knob £54.16
DHS004AZwei L Cabinet Knob £31.87
DHS005AZwei L Cabinet Knob £30.40
DHS007AZwei L Cabinet Knob £116.85
DHS013AZwei L Push Knob £159.97
DHS014AZwei L Push Knob Latch £113.50
DHS019AZwei L Lever Handle £489.26
DHS020AZwei L Lever Handle £457.50
DHS021AZwei L Lever Handle £720.61
HIS002AZwei L Glass Door Hinge £572.67
HIS003AZwei L Glass Door Hinge £1120.82