Hart Wholesale Stock a Wide Range of Cupboard & Furniture Hinges

Hinges are moving mechanisms that are typically found on gates and doors. They allow objects to open and close freely while linked together. At Hart Wholesale, we stock many different types of hinges for all your home improvement and building tasks. From exterior and continuous hinges to pivot, butt and cabinet hinges we will supply the hinge you are looking for. 

Whether you need cupboard hinges for wooden doors or glass doors we have hinges that can work on these different materials. Also depending on the load capacity and movement requirements our hinges can suit a wide range of door weights and required opening movements due to a wide variety of available mechanisms.

Cupboard Hinges

Our wide range of cabinet hinges are particularly well suited for use in kitchen cupboards or any other types of furniture with small doors. Our hinges are regularly purchased by experienced joiners who fit kitchen cupboards and equally are bought by DIY enthusiasts who are building their own furniture. No matter what style you require we have a hinge that will suit your needs, for example our antique hinges are very unique and a popular choice. We also sell flaps and stays which are used in some kitchens for outward vertical opening cupboard doors, these are also very popular in campervan cupboards.


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