Different Hinges and How to Best Use Them

By Martin Hart on Mon 25 July 2022

Hinges are an essential part of all of our lives. It's impossible to go through your day without coming across at least one object that relies on a well-crafted hinge. Yet, this humble component is severely underrated, a vital part of hanging doors, box lids, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and much more. At Hart Wholesale, we can provide a vast amount of varied hinges in your choice of size and style. 

Which Ventilation Do You Need?

By Martin Hart on Mon 18 July 2022

Ventilation is vital to any building as uninterrupted airflow prevents stale, stuffy air from collecting and any lingering smells. In addition, maintaining good air quality is a surprisingly integral part of a person's good health, especially for the many people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma and hayfever. 

6 Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom

By Martin Hart on Tue 17 May 2022

Bathroom renovations can cost a fair penny or two for a complete overhaul, and depending on the size of your home, it can include day-to-day disruption within your home. However, there are some more straightforward ways to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom, making it more practical and stylish. 

Ways to Improve Your Kitchen This Summer

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 May 2022

The joys of summer need not be limited to outside your home. As your garden space flourishes with new life and vibrant colours, you too can invite a sense of warmth into your kitchen through a re-invigorating redesign.

Summer Interior Design Trends

By Martin Hart on Mon 04 April 2022

All styles are possible with carefully placed interior design, from absorbing all that sun to providing a cool breeze indoors. Read all about the latest trends that will help you bring summer into your home this year.

A Guide to Lighting Design

By Martin Hart on Wed 30 March 2022

The right lighting scheme is essential to any interior design and can drastically change the look of any room, but a single lighting scheme will not work for every room. Taking the time to customise your lighting to suit the room's specific needs will dramatically enhance its aesthetics without losing its practical uses.

In today's blog, we give you a brief guide to lighting design and see how light fittings can be utilised to produce the best lighting effects, enhancing the look and feel of the rooms in your home.


Adding Vintage House Design to Your Home

By Martin Hart on Fri 04 March 2022

Antique or vintage décor imparts a sense of age that is inviting and comforting to see. But unfortunately, many vintage styles were weeded out of our homes for many years as new practicalities required changes to be made.

The vintage design style has passed the test of time, though and is now making a comeback, with real (or faux) vintage items returning to our homes with beautiful results.

What are Pocket Doors? A Complete Guide

By Martin Hart on Fri 04 February 2022

When choosing the right doors for your home, it's easy to overlook this popular new choice, the pocket door.

A fantastic innovation for internal doors when space is at a premium, the pocket door is the perfect solution that can forever change the rooms it connects. If this is new to you, please read our latest blog below to discover what a pocket door is and why are they so popular. 

How to Fix Drawer Runners with Ball Bearings

By Martin Hart on Thu 23 December 2021

Have you ever opened a drawer and wondered, "Why isn't this drawer as smooth as it should be?" If you have, there is a good chance your drawer has a malfunctioning runner. Drawer runners with ball bearings are sturdy and durable, but sometimes they can accumulate dirt or wear out and get sticky. Fortunately, they are often easy to troubleshoot, and fixing them is relatively straightforward. This blog will explain how ball-bearing drawer runners work and how to fix them if they are not operating smoothly.

What Is The Best Lighting For Kitchens?

By Martin Hart on Wed 03 November 2021

Getting the lighting right in a kitchen is key to creating a warm, inviting space that you'll want to be in. If you fit a new kitchen, do it justice by combining different lighting styles to show the space off in the best light. Your kitchen lighting needs to work harder than many other rooms in a home, as it not only has to be practical and provide sufficient light for you to prepare and cook food, but it should also be welcoming without being too stark.


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