A DIY Guide to Selecting and Installing Cabinet Handles

By Martin Hart on Thu 07 September 2023

Given the array of choices available when embarking on a renovation journey, the decision-making process can be exciting and overwhelming. From choosing the right paint colours to the type of cabinet handles, each element contributes significantly to your space's overall aesthetics and functionality.


Given the array of choices available when embarking on a renovation journey, the decision-making process can be exciting and overwhelming. From choosing the right paint colours to the type of cabinet handles, each element contributes significantly to your space's overall aesthetics and functionality.

It's crucial to realise these aren't just decisions but an opportunity to express taste while addressing practical needs. As such, each decision, whether substantial or minor, should be a thoughtful step in the design process, setting the tone for your newly renovated space. Today, we’ll cover the topic of cabinet handles with an easy-to-follow guide for installation.

The Importance of Cabinet Handle Selection

Choosing the ideal cabinet handle is vital in not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the living space but also in terms of functionality. The right cabinet handle can enhance the style of your space and provide comfortable usage in daily life. Your choice of cabinet handles, be it traditional or ultra-modern, can pull together the style of your living space.


Here are things you need to consider when choosing your new handles:

·       Appearance: Your cabinet handles are the final element that brings everything together. Their style, colour, and finish can complement the overall theme, providing a polished finish.

·       Functionality: Your choice should look good but also provide easy accessibility and comfort in regular use. For example, small round handles may look appealing in a modern bathroom aesthetic but could make access challenging when moisture is present.

·       Durability: The right handle should be durable and long-lasting, able to withstand regular use and maintenance. Painted wooden handles are a great way to elevate the look of a kitchen, but with everyday use, they may fade and wear. Consider more durable options for heavy-use areas.

·       Price: There are many options on the market, ranging from cheap to expensive. You need to find a balance between cost and quality that suits your budget.

·       Material, Style, and Size: These are significant factors. Select a handle that matches your cabinet design, whether sleek steel for a modern look or rustic bronze for traditional charm.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Cabinets

There are so many cabinet handles to choose from that it can be challenging to find the right one to suit the interior design in place.

Wooden Cabinet Handles

Wooden handles not only bring a natural, warm charm to your interiors, but they also offer remarkable durability. They’re also incredibly versatile, fitting seamlessly into almost any style, be it modern minimalism or rustic charm. Wood is also a good option that can be easily customised per the colours in your room.


Antique Style Handles

Antique handles embody a timeless charm and sophistication, immediately adding character to any living space. Functionality marries aesthetics with these handles, as they’re stunning and designed for a robust and comfortable grip. So, by choosing our antique-style cabinet handles, you bring in a piece of history with contemporary reliability.


Profile Pull Handles

Profile pull handles offer a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, enhancing and refining the overall design of your doors, cabinets, or any other fixtures. Their low-profile design ensures unobtrusive functionality, contributing to a streamlined and modern look. Additionally, their construction, often from durable materials like stainless steel or hard-wearing aluminium, ensures their longevity, making them a practical and cost-effective solution.


Traditional Cabinet Handles

Choosing traditional-style handles can enhance the kitchen's overall aesthetic, bringing a sense of charm and elegance. These handles can add detail and style to the cabinets, contributing to the overall coherence of the room's design. They also provide an easy and firm grip, making them a practical choice for users of all ages. 


DIY Approach to Installation

Once you’ve chosen the ideal handles, you need to install them in your cabinets.

For this, you will need:

·       A screwdriver

·       A pencil

·       A drill

·       A measuring tape

·       Your fantastic new handles.

First, determine the optimum spot on your cabinet for the handle. Hold the handle against the spot, and mark the areas for the screws with a pencil. Using a pencil means you can easily remove it once your handle is in place.


If your cabinet doesn't already have pre-drilled holes, you must make them yourself. Carefully drill the holes where you made the pencil marks. Use a drill bit of the same size as the screw going through the hole. Make sure to drill with caution so as not to damage your cabinet.

Now, position the screws from the inside of the cabinet or drawer, and screw the handle into place. There you have it! Your handle is now successfully installed.

Cost-Saving Ways to Improve Your Interior

DIY installation of cabinet handles can help you greatly reduce the costs of giving a home a completely different look for less. You can use cabinet handles to give bedroom furniture an updated style or create a more classic interior design by replacing modern handles with antique pull handles.

However big or small your project is, consider buying in bulk if considering to replacing all the handles. It’s usually much cheaper, and it’s always helpful to have spare handles in the case of an accident, either over time or as part of the installation.


To prevent your handles from wearing over time, you should also consider choosing a durable yet affordable material, like steel or zinc, that ensures the longevity of your handles. In addition, these materials are often more cost-effective than alternative metals.

Impact of Handles on Aesthetics

Cabinet handles might be small, but they significantly contribute to the overall aesthetics, especially in a kitchen setting, as they can account for 20% to 50% of the visual impact on the room, according to kitchen design experts. They are a powerful tool of expression, conveying style and persona through the design and setup of your cabinets.

Since the average UK household spends around an hour per day in the kitchen preparing meals, having a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing kitchen is essential. Tailor cabinetry to make a kitchen tell its distinctive story and merge both function and visual appeal.

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