How to Choose the Perfect Lighting

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

When you are installing lights into your client's home or business, one of the most important things to consider is how it will look as a finished product. 

What Type of Door Is Best for Your Client?

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

If there's one thing that you definitely want to get right for your client's house, it has to be the doors. Whether it be their kitchen, bedroom or front door, it is important to get the right one.

How to Maintain Safety as You Work

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

Building or installing in the home can come with a lot of safety issues, as it can on any work site. But, the home, in particular, is often a smaller space that is designed for living and not workplace safety. As a result, there may actually be more hazards working in a client’s home than anywhere else. So, how do you ensure that you maintain safety standards throughout your work?

The Importance of Face Protection for Tradesmen

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

A lot of people, particularly if they are working with various materials such as wood, metal, and plastics, tend to skip on face protection, but it is one of the most important aspects of any safety routine.

How to Advise Clients on Using Lighting Effectively in the Home

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

As a professional lighting fitter, you probably get asked all the time about the best ways to maximise the potential of lighting products. How best to light a corner? Which bulbs work best for each room function? How much lighting is necessary for a certain room?

Importance of Properly Fitting a Disabled Bathroom

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

When fitting a disabled bathroom, there are several vital factors you need to consider. According to UK’s building regulations that are in practise, disabled toilet’s fixtures require certain a height and positioning to make them accessible.

Spotlight on: High Visibility Clothing

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

High visibility (HV) clothing is a form of personal protective equipment (PPE), usually worn to make the wearer 'highly visible' in hazardous situations. So, should you be wearing it? And do you know which level of protection to wear? To help you assess whether or not you need it, ask yourself the following questions.

What’s Better: A Shower Curtain or a Glass Door?

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

One of the most important rooms in any household is, without a shadow of a doubt, the bathroom. You might keep some your most exquisite and elegant products in there, including some beautiful bathroom accessories.

The Benefits of Using LED Lights

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

There are many different lighting options available on today’s market, so it’s important that you are choosing the perfect lighting for your needs. 

The Importance of a Good Railing

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

We hope you've all had a brilliant Christmas and that you're all well and rested and readying yourself for the New Year. After your break for the festive holidays you may have already started back at work, fine tuning your manufacturing processes or perfecting your hardware stock. So, while you're busy thinking of new ways you can entice your customers in 2016, we thought we'd take this moment to talk to you about the importance of railings in your workplace. 


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