Battle of the Units: Pull Out vs. Cupboards

By Martin Hart on Fri 06 March 2020

Kicking off the New Year we have an epic battle of the household units!

Since we started redesigning units to make them easier to use, more effective to store our belongings and more efficient to clean, we've had great debates over whether stylish pull out kitchen units are better than the traditional cupboards.
To put our minds at ease, we thought it was high time we had a standoff between the two to determine who really rules the roost.

Round #1- Aesthetical Appearance

Investing in that special kitchen unit isn't just about how well it performs or how long it will last in your clients busy households- it's also about how smart, stylish and simply stunning it looks.

The traditional open and shut cupboards come with the same old layout as they have done for generations (one door with a couple of shelves behind it). While the traditional method may suit some people, if you're wanting to spruce up your kitchen and bring a touch of modern style to it, it's all about the pull out units.

Granting your kitchen an extra level to its design, pull out kitchen units are effortless, sleek and are sure to impress guests and family members over and over again.


Round #2- Ease of Organisation

While aesthetical appearances will be the first thing your clients are bound to be attracted to, the second thing is how well the kitchen unit will function. How well will it store their kitchen utensils and crockery? How certain can they be that their food and beverages will be safe and secure?
Open and close cupboards give the great advantage of a wide open space for kitchen items to be quickly and easily thrown into place. Though this has benefited use for years, with the newly designed pull out units, organising the kitchen has never been easier.

For the first time people are able to easily see their belongings without having to dig through stacks of pots and pans in search for their Grandma's favourite serving dish. Displayed in neat rows on wire racks, pull out kitchen units prevent your clients from digging around their cupboards (an added benefit to those who find bending difficult).


Round #3- Ease of Cleaning

One aspect of cupboards many clients and customers don't take into consideration is how easy they will be to clean out. For a healthy, hygienic kitchen, it's important that every corner is cleaned and dusted.

Cupboards have a nasty habit of hiding those hard-to-reach areas from the cloth but not from long forgotten pots and pans. While your customers may find they have to climb inside their cupboards, careful not to place too much weight on the shelves, the opposite can be said for the effective pull out units.

Pull out units make it easier to clean and to see what needs cleaning. They remove the hassle of cleaning tight corners and make quick work of your spring cleaning chores.


Taking into consideration their stunning appearance, the level of flawless design they add to a kitchen, their ease of use and their superb ability to help organise and keep clean a kitchen we're proud to say that the pull out kitchen units win this battle!

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