7 Ways to Elevate Your Home with LED Lighting

By Martin Hart on Mon 13 November 2023


The Importance of High-Quality Door Components

By Martin Hart on Tue 26 September 2023

Discover the importance of high-quality door components for durability and aesthetics. Shop with Hart Wholesale for premium fixtures at great prices!

A DIY Guide to Selecting and Installing Cabinet Handles

By Martin Hart on Thu 07 September 2023

Given the array of choices available when embarking on a renovation journey, the decision-making process can be exciting and overwhelming. From choosing the right paint colours to the type of cabinet handles, each element contributes significantly to your space's overall aesthetics and functionality.

2023 Summer Interior Design Trends

By Martin Hart on Thu 06 April 2023

Discover the latest 2023 summer interior design trends, including bold colours, natural materials, and sustainable elements. Explore our wholesale options here.

Bring New Life into Your Home 2023

By Martin Hart on Tue 31 January 2023

With the end of the year quickly coming, why not start the new year with a fresh new home? We explore some simple swaps to upgrade your home. 

Unlocking the History of the Door Handle

By Martin Hart on Mon 30 January 2023

Effective door handles are essential to daily life. They have a long history that most people take for granted. Learn about the ways handles have changed here.

The Benefits Letterboxes Bring to Your Home

By Martin Hart on Mon 30 January 2023

When looking to upgrade your curb appeal, you may consider ditching your letterbox. Find out why you should keep the humble letterbox in our latest blog.  

How to Maximise Kitchen Storage Space

By Martin Hart on Fri 07 October 2022

The kitchen is the most active area in any home, and it’s essential you can use it effectively. Discover how to maximise your kitchen storage space here.

Different Hinges and How to Best Use Them

By Martin Hart on Mon 25 July 2022

Hinges are an essential part of all of our lives. It's impossible to go through your day without coming across at least one object that relies on a well-crafted hinge. Yet, this humble component is severely underrated, a vital part of hanging doors, box lids, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and much more. At Hart Wholesale, we can provide a vast amount of varied hinges in your choice of size and style. 

Which Ventilation Do You Need?

By Martin Hart on Mon 18 July 2022

Ventilation is vital to any building as uninterrupted airflow prevents stale, stuffy air from collecting and any lingering smells. In addition, maintaining good air quality is a surprisingly integral part of a person's good health, especially for the many people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma and hayfever. 


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