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Hart Wholesale | Aluminium Profiles

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What are Aluminium Profiles?

Aluminium profiles are a type of aluminium extrusion that is sold for use in various building frameworks and mechanical applications. They are a flexible and versatile system, and are sold in a range of shapes and sizes to create a compatible modular system. The sheer selection of profile designs, from sheets to tubes to more complex shapes, means that they can be used for a wide variety of tasks and building purposes.

A new range of "Gola" aluminium profiles (from Ossicolor) includes plinths and handles in various sizes, colours and designs. Listed above, you will find Hart Wholesale’s own selection of aluminium profiles, including (but not limited to) the following patterns:

  • Angle – often used to serve as frames in home DIY
  • RoundTube – a favourite choice for wardrobe rails, curtain poles or table legs
  • Sheets – a practical option for drain covers, or various home insulation and security
  • Squares – another common profile used for table legs, curtain poles and similar  

Each aluminium profile is manufactured to a high standard, giving you the peace of mind that you have the best possible components for your work.

As with all our products, to ensure that you can complete work on time and on budget, we offer:

  • The most competitive prices possible
  • 48-hour delivery as standard
  • Next day delivery available for urgent orders

Aluminium extrusions are an excellent choice for many projects; aluminium is a particularly effective metal for creating these practical components because of its relative strength, weight, cost and suitability for the extrusion process. No other metal offers this combination of advantages, allowing you to use these profiles to create effective mechanical frameworks in many applications.

Contact Hart Wholesale for Aluminium Profiles and Extrusions

If you are looking for an aluminium profile to complete a specific project, but are not sure which of our extrusions will be the best suited, contact us today on 01702 614 044 and our helpful team will be happy to assist you. We have everything you will need, from screw and fixings to tools and much, much more, so don’t forget to check the rest of our site for everything else you might need as well.