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Hart Wholesale | Bathrooms & Fixtures | Bathroom Disabled

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Are you, or someone you know preparing a disabled bathroom layout? Our great selection of products may be just what you have been looking for to give you the support and independence you seek.
91124029Disabled Roller Bolt Bathroom LockFrom £51.69
93287000Disabled Double Action Pivot Set£103.97
93287010Disabled Emergency Release DoorStop£97.11
93287020Disabled Emergency Release DoorStop£103.97
93287040Disabled Double Action Pivot Set£97.11
58849040Washbasin, Height Adjustable £1217.11
58849370Height Adjustable Unit £552.27
58849374Flexible Winding Handle £93.22
58849376Bathroom Extending Lever £100.25
58849390Bathroom Dock-In Unit £571.62
58849394Bathroom Plug with Overflow £53.57
58849396Bathroom Accessory Kit £123.12
98077629Nyma Care/Pro Foldaway Shower Seat £81.55
98077638Nyma Style Hinged Grab Rail £206.90
98077640Nyma Style Slimline Shower Seat £278.52
98077621Nyma Pro Doc M Toilet Fittings £106.57
98077635Nyma Doc M Shower Seat £253.59
98077636Nyma Care Hinged Support Rail From £176.08
58849010Support Washbasin, BasicFrom £1558.33
58849020Support Washbasin, FixedFrom £1364.86
58849030Support Washbasin, FlexiFrom £2010.35
58849380Bathroom Cover, PlasticFrom £386.94
98077601Hinged Support Rail, SteelFrom £37.14
98077603Hinged Support Rail,Stainless SteelFrom £89.99
98077605Hinged Support Rail with Leg, SteelFrom £50.23
98077607Straight Grab Rail, SteelFrom £10.98
98077611Nyma Care Straight Grab RailFrom £26.56
98077615Nyma Pro Straight Grab RailFrom £5.84
98307000Disabled Shower SeatFrom £394.46
98307020Disabled Toilet Support ArmFrom £186.44
98307021Disabled Toilet Support Arm, WaveFrom £209.30
91126078Disabled Pocket Door Flip-Up HandleFrom £11.44
98006730Disabled Hinged Slatted Shower Seat£36.19
98008010Disabled Facility Door SetFrom £26.90
98078460Disabled Lift-up Safety SupportFrom £250.49
98078500Disabled Straight Grab RailFrom £87.36
98078607Disabled Lift-up Shower Seat£432.54
98540020Disabled Large Room Induction Loop£479.49
98307010Disabled Back Support £240.96
98307011Disabled Back Support £565.85
98307028Disabled Standing/Sitting Piece £35.18
98307029Disabled Toilet Roll Holder £35.18
98307030Disabled Height Adjustment Plate £75.63
98078621Nyma Style Straight Grab Rail From £37.14
98078631Nyma Style Curved Grab Rail From £42.44
98078909PBA Straight Grab Rail From £143.70
98078939PBA 135° Angled Grab Rail From £210.01
98078959PBA Hinged Support Rail From £358.62
98078979PBA Shower Seat £577.83
98078649PBA L-Shaped Grab Rail From £223.46
98307031Ropox Electric Shower, Changing Bed From £5048.21
98307033Ropox Shower Bed Back Support £338.21
98307034Ropox Foldaway Bed Guard From £732.78

We stock some great disabled bathroom fittings and accessories for different accessibility requirements. All the products will allow users to have far more independence when compared to traditional bathroom setups. 

Some examples of the products we stock that have useful design features include foldaway shower seats, railings, levers and handles, emergency release door stops. 

We also provide several forms of mobility aids that will give you the support you require in day to day tasks. If you are unsure what product suits your needs, please contact us to learn more about a specific product.