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BLACK Knockers   Back to BLACK Door Furniture

If you want something that brings out your door a bit more, you should consider purchasing a black door knocker from our black ironmongery range.

We provide a top quality selection of products that offer both unique and luxury designs. It doesn’t matter if you are going for an antique or modern look. Hart Wholesale is committed to bringing a wide range of choice to cater for all our customers.

The knocker styles stocked include: Rings, hand, lion, Ludlow, and Kirkpatrick to name a few. If you want to know more about each individual style get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

DFA777APeriod Slimline Door Knocker From £65.73
DFA778AShropshire Door Knocker £69.02
DFA779ARegency Door Knocker £65.73
DFA264APear Shaped Door KnockerFrom £36.30
DFA265ADoor Knocker, RingFrom £42.88
DFA631AShakespeare Door KnockerFrom £41.22
DFA632ALoop Door KnockerFrom £31.13
DFA635ARing Door KnockerFrom £58.62
DFA636ALion's Head Door KnockerFrom £42.18
DFA637ADoctor's Door KnockerFrom £28.43
DFA763ABlacksmith Slimline Door KnockerFrom £54.45
BIC127ALudlow Ornate Door Knocker£14.34
BIC128ALudlow Door Knocker£14.34
BIC132ALudlow Ring Door Knocker£13.30
DHX120ADoor Knocker, Ring£19.05
DHX121ADoor Knocker, Hand£24.98
DHX122ADoor Knocker, Lion£12.79
DHX123ADoor Knocker, Ornate£15.62
DH565BRing Knocker £4.94
DFZ124AFoxcote Ring Knocker £9.26
DFA633AWindsor Door Knocker £32.00
DFA634ARing Door Knocker £17.02
98607463Kirkpatrick Door Knocker, Ring£40.07
98601053Ring Door Knocker £10.42
DFM238ARing Knocker £17.81
DFM240ASlim Knocker £14.83
DFF284ALion Head Knocker £8.88
DFF285ARing Knocker £9.80