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Hart Wholesale | BLACK Ironmongery | BLACK Lever Handles

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90199282Kirkpatrick Lever HandleFrom £27.70
90199186Kirkpatrick Lever Handle, Keyway£77.14
90179187GRAFTON Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £12.94
90199173Kirkpatrick Lever Handle on PlateFrom £51.02
BIC102ALudlow Fleur De Lys Lever HandleFrom £11.76
BIC103ALudlow Traditional Lever HandleFrom £14.02
BIC104ALudlow Traditional V Lever HandleFrom £14.16
BIC105ALudlow Slimline V Lever HandleFrom £14.16
BIC106ALudlow Curly Tail Lever HandleFrom £14.69
BIC108ALudlow Barley Twist Lever HandleFrom £19.54
DHC418ALudlow Gothic Lever HandleFrom £41.92
90179177CHESWELL Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £6.75
DH550Antique Lever Handle, PairFrom £7.54
DHX102AShropshire Lever Handle on PlateFrom £11.34
DHA274ARegency Lever Handle on Rose £58.41
DHA275ARegency Lever Lock Handle £69.70
DHA276ARegency Lever Latch Handle £69.70
DHA277ARegency Lever Euro Handle £69.70
DHA278ARegency Lever Bathroom Handle £73.18
DHA279ARegency Espag Lever Lock Handle £73.43
DHA201ACurly Lever Lock HandleFrom £19.46
DHA202ACurly Lever Latch HandleFrom £19.46
DHA203ACurly Lever Bathroom HandleFrom £24.32
DHA204AMonkeytail Lever Lock HandleFrom £52.18
DHA205AMonkeytail Lever Latch HandleFrom £52.18
DHA206AMonkeytail Lever Bathroom HandleFrom £55.37
DHA207AMonkeytail Diamond Rosette HandleFrom £43.31
DHA215AStraight Lever Lock HandleFrom £21.40
DHA216AStraight Lever Latch HandleFrom £19.46
DHA217AStraight Lever Bathroom HandleFrom £26.26
DHA218ANarrow Lever Espagnolette LockFrom £27.23
DHA219AAvon Lever Latch HandleFrom £48.82
DHA220AAvon Lever Lock HandleFrom £48.82
DHA221AAvon Lever Bathroom HandleFrom £50.70
DHA221BAvon Lever Handle on Rose, SteelFrom £43.20
DHA222AAvon Lever Euro Lock HandleFrom £48.82
DHA223AAvon Lever Espagnolette Lock HandleFrom £55.08
DHA224AGothic Lever Lock HandleFrom £52.18
DHA225AGothic Lever Latch HandleFrom £52.18
DHA226AGothic Lever Bathroom HandleFrom £61.66
DHA227AGothic Lever Euro HandleFrom £52.18
DHA228AGothic Lever Espagnolette HandleFrom £52.18
DHA229AGothic Curved Lever Lock HandleFrom £55.08
DHA230AGothic Curved Lever Latch HandleFrom £55.08
DHA231AGothic Curved Lever Bathroom HandleFrom £64.57
DHA232ATudor Lever Lock HandleFrom £52.18
DHA233ATudor Lever Latch HandleFrom £52.18
DHA234ATudor Lever Espagnolette HandleFrom £50.15
DHA235ACromwell Lever Lock HandleFrom £55.08
DHA236ACromwell Lever Latch HandleFrom £55.08
DHA237ACromwell Lever Bathroom HandleFrom £64.57
DHA241AAvon Lever Handle on Rose, SteelFrom £41.33
DHA242AAvon Slimline Lever Lock HandleFrom £55.07
DHA243AAvon Large Lever Lock HandleFrom £57.80
DHA244AAvon Large Lever Latch HandleFrom £57.80
DHA245AAvon Large Lever Bathroom HandleFrom £58.79
DHA246AAvon Large Lever Euro Lock HandleFrom £57.80
DHA247AGothic Curved Espagnolette LockFrom £52.96
DHA248ATudor Lever Bathroom HandleFrom £59.28
DHA250ACromwell Lever Bathroom HandleFrom £55.07
DHA251AMonkeytail Slim Lever Lock HandleFrom £52.95
DHA253ACottage Slim Espagnolette HandleFrom £52.95
DHC417CLudlow Tudor Lever Handle £44.70
BIC101ALudlow Straight Lever Handle£20.78
DHA208ACottage Lever Lock Handle £21.40
DHA209ACottage Lever Latch Handle £19.46
DHA210ACottage Lever Bathroom Handle £26.26
DHA211AOak Lever Lock Handle, Steel £19.19
DHA212AOak Lever Latch Handle, Steel £19.19
DHA213ASmooth Lever Lock Handle, Steel £19.19
DHA214ASmooth Lever Latch Handle, Steel £19.19
BIC107ALudlow Curly Tail Lever HandleFrom £17.09
DHX103BShrewsbury Lever Handle on Plate £9.52
DHX103CShrewsbury Lever Handle on Plate £12.72
DHX103AShrewsbury Lever Handle on Plate £9.52
DFF215APVCu Lockset for Wooder Door £12.05
DHZ143AFoxcote Curly Tail Lever Handle £7.11
DHA249ATudor Lever Euro Lock Handle £50.15
DHA252ACottage Lever Espagnolette Handle £39.74
DHA254AClassic Cast MF Lever Lock Handle £21.40
DHA255AClassic Cast Lever Lock Handle £21.40
DHA256ASmooth Bathroom Lever Lock Handle £20.76
DHA257ADeluxe Sprung Lever Lock Handle £35.54
DHA258ADeluxe Sprung Lever Latch Handle £35.54
DHM457AClaverley Lever Handle £15.83
DHM458ADonnington Lever Handle £15.83
DHM459AHanwood Lever Handle £15.83
DHZ138AFoxcote Traditional Lever HandleFrom £9.89
DHZ139AFoxcote Slimline Lever HandleFrom £8.99
DHZ140AFoxcote Scroll Lever HandleFrom £9.89
DHZ141AFoxcote Traditional Lever HandleFrom £12.94
DHZ142AFoxcote Lever HandleFrom £9.89
DHZ143BFOXCOTE Multi-Point Handle, Narrow £16.64
DHM450ABridgnorth Lever HandleFrom £17.81
DHM451ACheswell Lever HandleFrom £17.81
DHM452AAshfield Lever HandleFrom £17.81
DHM453AGrafton Lever HandleFrom £19.78
DHM454AHadley Lever HandleFrom £19.78
DHM455AIronbridge Lever HandleFrom £19.78
DHM456ALudlow Lever HandleFrom £19.78
DHX101AWroxeter Lever Handle on PlateFrom £12.60
DHX104AWindsor Lever Handle on PlateFrom £11.34
DHX105AFleur de Lys Lever Handle on PlateFrom £12.60
DHX106AWellington Lever Handle on PlateFrom £11.34
DHX107AColonial Lever Handle on PlateFrom £10.10
DHF201Fleur De Lys Lever Handle From £9.54
DFF114BTurnberry Lever HandleFrom £11.11
DHF230ARoyal Lever Handle From £9.23
DHF231AWentworth Lever Handle From £9.23
DHF230FRegal Lever Handle From £9.31
90021703Kirkpatrick Lever Handle £45.99
90179180HANWOOD Lever Handle £20.97
90179183ASHFIELD Lever Handle on Backplate £11.81
90179185CLAVERLEY Lever Handle £20.97
90179190DONNINGTON Lever Handle £20.97
90179191GRAFTON Multi-Point Lever handle £30.14
90198319Kirkpatrick Lever Handle £66.14
90199673Kirkpatrick Lever Handle, Keyway £51.02

We stock a great range of black lever handles with a more antique design. If you are looking to add a little bit of style and class to your doors, this is the place to be.