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Hart Wholesale | BLACK Ironmongery | BLACK Window Furniture

BLACK Window Furniture   Back to BLACK Ironmongery

Black antique window furniture is perfectly suited to the old county cottages or larger country houses with open fires and ledged and braced doors which are the ideal background for this type of ironmongery. Natural wood, stone and gothic shapes are also perfect backdrops to either rustic or black antique ironmongery.
97002673Kirkpatrick Casement Stay£15.71
91159139Kirkpatrick Casement FastenerFrom £20.98
91159177Kirkpatrick Locking Window HandleFrom £15.26
97002643Kirkpatrick Casement StayFrom £6.23
97002663Kirkpatrick Casement FastenerFrom £16.91
97002683Kirkpatrick Casement FastenerFrom £9.99
BIC133BLudlow Casement Stay, Bulb EndFrom £7.86
BIC135ALudlow Locking Casement FastenerFrom £8.66
BIC136ALudlow Locking EspagnoletteFastenerFrom £8.94
BIC138BLudlow Casement StayFrom £7.86
BIC140ALudlow Curly Tail Casement StayFrom £7.14
WFC141ALudlow Monkey Tail Locking Fastener£10.91
WFC142ALudlow Monkey Tail StayFrom £10.56
WFC143ALudlow Shepherds Crook CasementFrom £10.56
WFC144ALudlow Shepherds Crook StayFrom £9.94
DH560Antique Window FurnitureFrom £2.38
WFZ017AFoxcote Casement Stay, Curly TailFrom £3.65
WFZ021AFOXCOTE Casement FastenerFrom £3.65
WFA102ATrickle Vent, AluminiumFrom £7.21
WFA112AAvon Locking Fastener From £16.42
WFA113AAvon Night Vent Locking Fastener From £18.72
WFA114AShropshire Fastener £22.67
WFA115ARegency Night Vent Locking Fastener £21.53
WFA116ANewbury Locking Fastener From £27.15
WFA117ANewbury Night Vent Locking Fastener From £30.75
WFA118AStay Pin, Spare From £4.14
WFA119AShropshire Window Stay £17.37
WFA120AShropshire Window Stay £17.95
WFA121AShropshire Window Stay £21.12
WFA122ARegency Window Stay £17.37
WFA123ARegency Window Stay £17.95
WFA124ARegency Window Stay £21.12
WFA125AAvon Window Stay From £14.72
WFA126AAvon Window Stay From £15.36
WFA127AAvon Window Stay From £18.14
WFA128ANewbury Window Stay From £21.76
WFA129ANewbury Window Stay From £23.56
WFA130ANewbury Window Stay From £25.35
WFA131AMonkeytail Espagnolette From £17.06
WFA132AMonkeytail Espagnolette From £17.06
WFA133APeardrop Espagnolette From £17.06
WFA134APeardrop Espagnolette From £17.06
WFA135AAvon Espagnolette From £20.59
WFA136ARegency Espagnolette £23.68
WFA137ARegency Espagnolette £23.68
WFA141ARegency Curtain Finial £22.14
WFA142AHook Curtain Finial £31.98
WFA001AWindow Mortice Plate, SteelFrom £3.98
WFA002AWindow Hook Plate, SteelFrom £2.54
WFA003APeardrop Fastener, SteelFrom £8.79
WFA004AMonkeytail Fastener, SteelFrom £8.79
WFA005AMonkeytail Fastener, BrassFrom £12.84
WFA006AMonkeytail FastenerFrom £10.59
WFA008AMonkeytail Locking Fastener, SteelFrom £12.84
WFA010AMonkeytail Locking Fastener, SteelFrom £12.59
WFA012AShepherd's Crook Fastener, SteelFrom £10.22
WFA013AShepherd's Crook Fastener, SteelFrom £12.84
WFA015AHandmade Peardrop Window StayFrom £8.96
WFA018AHandmade Monkeytail Window StayFrom £8.96
WFA021AWindow Cranked Stay PinFrom £3.88
WFA022ACast Monkeytail Window StayFrom £6.00
WFA025APeriod Offset Stay PinFrom £3.87
WFA027AShepherd's Crook Window StayFrom £11.67
WFA030APeardrop EspagnoletteFrom £16.59
WFA034AMonkeytail EspagnoletteFrom £17.26
WFA036ASlim Monkeytail EspagnoletteFrom £13.44
WFA038AShepherd's Crook EspagnoletteFrom £17.46
WFA040ALeaf Curtain FinialFrom £29.18
WFA041ABall Curtain FinialFrom £13.62
WFA042AShell Curtain FinialFrom £13.62
WFA043ACurtain Mounting BracketFrom £13.62
WFA044ACurtain RingFrom £1.96
WFA045ACurtain PoleFrom £14.11
WFA048AWindow Locking Stay PinFrom £2.84
WFA049ADeluxe Monkeytail FastenerFrom £13.28
WFA052ACast Peardrop FastenerFrom £7.68
WFA053APeardrop Fastener, Night VentFrom £17.02
WFA055AReeded Locking FastenerFrom £27.16
WFA056AReeded Fastener, Night VentFrom £30.75
WFA058ACast Peardrop Window StayFrom £7.25
WFA061ARosehead Window StayFrom £7.11
WFA062AReeded Window StayFrom £21.76
WFA065ACranked Casement Stay PinFrom £0.94
WFA066AWindow Bevel Stay PinFrom £3.19
WFA069AMonkeytail EspagnoletteFrom £21.14
WFA071ADeluxe Monkeytail EspagnoletteFrom £12.07
WFA098AQuadrant StayFrom £6.55
WFA100ARoller Arm StayFrom £5.62
WFA105ACanopy, AluminiumFrom £3.53
WFA106AGrill, AluminiumFrom £4.02
WFA107AShepherd's Crook Curtain FinialFrom £29.46
WFA108ABeaten Ball Curtain FinialFrom £18.70
WFA109ACurtain Tie BackFrom £24.69
BIC134ALudlow Casement Fastener, Bulb End£7.07
BIC137ALudlow Casement Fastener£7.07
BIC139ALudlow Curly Tail Casement Fastener£6.86
WFA046ACurtain Joining Bar, Aluminium £1.31
WFZ014AFoxcote Casement Fastener, Bulb End £3.51
WFZ016AFoxcote Casement Fastener, Curly £3.65
WFA051ARosehead Fastener £8.28
WFA057AHandmade Tunius Monkeytail Stay £11.98
WFA067ASliding Stay £16.84
WFA068ASliding Stay £16.37
WFA097AFanlight Catch and Keeps £9.93
97002493Kirkpatrick Casement Stay £14.35
WFM136ASash Lift £2.61
WFM138ABall Casement Fastener £8.90
DHX152ACasement Fastener, CurveFrom £3.00
DHX153ACasement Fastener, CurlFrom £3.00
WFZ015AFoxcote Casement Stay, Bulb EndFrom £3.51
DHX149ACasement Stay, Over EndFrom £12.38
DHX150ACasement Stay, Under EndFrom £7.30
DHX151ACasement Stay, Over Curl EndFrom £8.45
WFM134ACasement Fastener, Mortice and HookFrom £8.90
WFM135ACasement StayFrom £9.90
WFM137ABall Casement StayFrom £7.69
DFF116Casement Stay From £3.89
WFF135ACasement Fastener £4.19
WFF136ACasement Fastener £4.19
WFF137AScrewdown Stay From £8.49
WFF125ALocking Espagnolette FastenerFrom £5.82
WFF126ALocking Casement FastenerFrom £5.82
WFF126CCasement Stay, CurlyFrom £5.48
97330880SOFEA-K Window Handle£13.53
97330890SARIA-K Window Handle£13.64
97330900SANDRA-K Window Handle£13.64
97002653Kirkpatrick Casement Fastener£16.76