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One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...
When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...
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The Paint brushes we stock are of the highest quality bristle, both natural and synthetic.  The cheap paint brushes we sell are the throw away brushes, use once and discard. The synthetic brushes we stock, produce the highest quality paint finish.
BRU005AFit For The Job Wire Brush£2.51
BRU008FProDec Double Arm Roller Frame£7.92
BRU012AMini Roller Kit, Gloss£2.26
00729220Flat BrushFrom £2.45
00729240Varnish BrushFrom £2.56
BRI007DPaint Brush Set, Soft Grip£1.95
BRU006EFit For The Job Paintbrush Set£7.60
BRU007APaint Brush Set, Synthetic£1.95
BRU007BPaint Brush Set, No Bristle Loss£9.36
BRU008Paint Brush, Radiator£3.90
BRU008FProDec Double Arm Roller Frame£4.72
BRU009ALiberon Liming Bronze Hand Brush£10.52
BRU012AMini Roller Kit, Gloss£2.40
BRU006DPaint Brush Set, Synthetic £1.95
BRU004AFit For The Job Shed Paint Brush £3.01
BRU004CShed Paint Roller Set £4.72
BRU004DShed Block Paint Brush £4.02
BRU008GShort Roller £2.35
BRU008KPoly Paint Tray £1.20
BRU013AWallpaper Hanging Brush £3.44
BRU014APaint Scuttle £3.73
BRU015AGiant Sponge £1.10
BRU014BPaint PotFrom £1.12
BRU017AThrowaway BrushFrom £0.35
00729411Translucent Plane Brush £6.35
BRU005AFit For The Job Wire Brush£11.12
BRU002APaint Brush, Fit 4 The JobFrom £0.46
BRU003AFit For The Job Artist Paint BrushFrom £2.08
BRU006APaint Brush SetFrom £3.92
BRU007CPaint Brush Set, SyntheticFrom £2.94
BRU008APaint RollerFrom £1.52
BRU016Nook & Cranny BrushFrom £1.31
BRU008HMini Roller Refill, GlossFrom £1.90
BRU001APaint Brush, UnbrandedFrom £3.24
BRU006FX-Zero Synthetic Brush SetFrom £11.12