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Hart Wholesale | Cabinet Handles

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Cabinet Handles and Cabinet Knobs

At Hart Wholesale we understand things don’t always go to plan and things do break. That is why all of our cabinet handles and cabinet knobs are made to the highest quality, making your money go further.

Our cabinet handles and knobs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. When looking for a cabinet knob or handle for any kind of interior furniture, we have a superb collection that will really improve the look and feel of your furniture.

Each cabinet handle or knob we stock comes with a short description, size, and finish information so you know exactly what you are buying.

Cabinet Handle Buying Guide

Shapes - Cabinet knobs and handles can come in a variety of shapes, designs and styles; ranging from modern to an older, more vintage approach.

While both handles and knobs do a relatively similar job, it all comes down to design preference and the type of unit you are working with. Long handles and knobs have different screw placements, so it will be important to understand the type you need before you purchase.

Materials - Always decide on your material preference for your door furniture. Look at all the possibilities including how well you think it will suit your cabinet’s features. This is something that can sometimes be overlooked, so be sure to have a good think about the overall look.

Our cabinet knob and handle materials include plastic, wood, metal, glass, porcelain and more.

Size - With a variety of sizes available, there can often be confusion about how to find the correct door furniture for your needs. Sizes can be found on each individual product pages description.

Contact Hart Wholesale for a Vast Range of Cabinet Knobs

If you are struggling to find the right product to suit your needs or just need a little bit of guidance then please contact us today on 01702 614044, or by sending an email to sales@hart-wholesale.com and we will be happy to answer your questions.