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Hart Wholesale | Office Furniture | Cable Outlets

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42895200Cable Outlet, One Part, Ø63mmFrom £2.14
42988303Rectangular Cable Outlet, PlasticFrom £0.76
42989015Cable Outlet, Three PartFrom £0.88
42999128Cable Outlet, Two Part, Ø60mmFrom £1.19
42999146Cable Outlet, Two Part, Ø80mmFrom £1.62
42999155Rectangular Cable Outlet, PlasticFrom £7.17
42999173Rectangular Cable Outlet, PlasticFrom £3.33
63120310Vertical Cable Management, SpiralFrom £25.47
63123100Cable Outlet, Two Part, Ø80mmFrom £5.42
63132004Brush Cable Outlet, Two Part, Ø80mmFrom £13.37
63135004Sliding Cable Outlet, Two Part, Ø80From £0.79
ACC101AHeavy Pattern Cable TidyFrom £2.43
DR951Cable Outlet, Three Piece, PlasticFrom £1.47
DR951SCable Outlet, PlasticFrom £1.28
63135014Brush Cable Outlet, Two Part, Ø80mm£3.62
42986925Cable Outlet, Two Part, Ø85mm£52.80
63104000Cable Outlet Set, Stainless Steel£18.84
63132-0001Cable Outlet, Zinc Alloy£20.16
63140904Cable Outlet Set, Plastic£0.89
ACC102ASemi Circular Backplate£1.09
DR951CCable Outlet, Plastic£5.71
63112300Cable Clamp, Horizontal £0.47
MCS001AMulti-Purpose Lid 360° £61.34
DR951YLux Cable Tidy with BrushFrom £6.00
DR951HLux Cable Tidy with BrushFrom £6.89

The amount of cables around most office workstations can often be frustrating as they tend to tangle up and end up all over the place. If this is the case, why not get some cable outlets or trunking to tidy up and organize the workspace. We stock square, round and circular profiles and offer several different styles that give users a chance to match them to the layout of the office.