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Hart Wholesale | Fire Exit Fittings

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DFZ132AZPH Reversible Panic LatchFrom £47.74
91152078Outside Access Device with Knob£64.36
91152079Outside Access Device with Lever£86.58
91152124Keep for Timber Frames, Surface£8.72
91152139Outside Access Device£111.51
91152148Outside Access Device with Lever£111.51
91152369Push Pad Panic Latch£71.76
91152379Push Pad Panic Mortice Latch£144.53
91152630Heavy Duty Security Panic Bolt£706.10
91152640Panic Modular Latch£506.91
91153012Single Panic Bolt£79.67
91154000Outside Access Device£85.19
91154011Panic Modular Lever Outside Access£258.25
91157006Outside Access Device£565.57
91152367Touch Bar Mortice Latch ActuatorFrom £308.32
91206278Easycode Mechanical Digital Lock£53.39
DF1438Briton Panic Push Pad£43.13
DF372Briton Single Panic Bolt£59.47
DF376BEasi-Exit Pushbar Panic Bolt£25.60
DF377Briton Double Rebate Panic Bar£95.37
DF378Briton Rim Panic Latch£43.13
DF378DDSBriton Double Door Bracket£10.25
DF389Briton Push Pad Mortice Nightlatch£54.35
DF572Briton Single Panic Bolt£181.12
91152351Vertical Pullman Catch Kits £113.08
DFZ139AZPH Replacement 2100 Top Shoot Tube £19.90
91206804Electronic Lock, Heavy Duty£241.71
91152329Mortice Actuated Panic Latch £90.85
DF376Briton Single Panic BoltFrom £55.59
DF379Briton Mortice Panic NightlatchFrom £23.57
DFZ130CZPH Single Panic Bolt, Push Pad £74.16
DFZ138CZPH Replacement 2100 Top Shoot Tube £19.90
DFZ138DZPH Exidor Double Rebated Door Keep £7.42
DFZ130AZPH Rebated Double Door SetFrom £110.88
DFZ131AZPH Single Panic BoltFrom £59.52
DFZ133AZPH Push Pad Panic LatchFrom £45.81
DFZ134AZPH Outdoor Access Device, KnobFrom £54.37
DFZ135AZPH Outdoor Access Device, KnobFrom £68.19
DFZ137AZPH Outdoor Access Device, LeverFrom £68.19
91152064Push Pad Emergency LatchFrom £46.20
91152100Single Panic BoltFrom £93.24
91152110Single Panic LatchFrom £71.76
91152121Box KeeperFrom £8.72
91152311Double Panic BoltFrom £173.70
91152360Touch Bar Deadlocking LatchFrom £308.58
91153198Single Panic LatchFrom £64.36
91154016Mechanical Digital Lock, AluminiumFrom £131.10
91206800Mechanical Lock, Heavy DutyFrom £201.83
91206806Mechanical Codelock, Heavy DutyFrom £119.89
91206810Electronic Lock, Medium DutyFrom £112.40
DFC203APushbar Panic Bolt, NarrowFrom £12.35
DFC204ATouchbar Panic LatchFrom £59.14

Fire Door Exit Hardware

Take a look at our wide variety of fire door exit hardware and panic exit accessories. We stock a range of high quality products, each of which is designed to make it easier to exit a building or room in the event of an emergency.

From panic bars, to fire exit hardware and electronic locks, our range of wholesale products will keep the occupants of any building safe if an emergency exit is required.

Critical for Meeting Health & Safety Guidelines

The varying fire exit door hardware available from Hart Wholesale are all very important accessories to have installed, especially if you own a building. That is why we have ensured that we only stock the best and most effective products on the market.

Contact Us for Fire Door Exit Hardware

Find out if any of our fire exit hardware meet your requirements today by giving us a call on 01702 614 044 or by sending an email with your enquiry to sales@hart-wholesale.com. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by filling out and submitting our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.