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Flexible Ducting   Back to Ducting & Ventilation

Flexible ducting and hosesare designed for material handling, air conditioning and exhaust gas applications.
  • For use to overcome situation where rigid duct cannot be installed
  • Recommended mainly for use with tumble dryers
  • Suitable when there is slow moving air
  • Available in four rectangular sizes and six round sizes
  • PVC hose has a maximum working temperature of 80°
  • Aluminium duct options in 100, 125 and 150mm
  • Round insulated hose available for condensation control
56530810Alu-FlexhoseFrom £2.16
V123System80 PVC Duct Sealing TapeFrom £1.87
V126System100 Threaded ConnectorFrom £1.06
V127-4Aluminium Duct ClipFrom £0.97
V3615System100 Flexible PVC Hose£23.69
V361ASystem100 Flexible PVC HoseFrom £1.68
V381Rectangular Hose ConnectorFrom £0.94
V4210Round Insulated HoseFrom £36.48
V503203System125 Aluminium Round DuctingFrom £2.95
V561System125 Flexible PVC HoseFrom £2.32
V603215System150 Round DuctingFrom £10.71
V661System150 Flexible PVC HoseFrom £2.77
V124Threaded Hose Connector£1.02
V125-4System100 Adjustable Hose Clip£1.02
V125-5Adjustable Hose Clips£1.43
V125-6Adjustable Hose Clips£1.95
V1265Supertube150 Threaded Connector£1.95
V196Ducting Hose Clips£0.56
V333System100 Rectangular PVC Hose£8.39
V533Supertube125 Rectangular PVC Hose£14.41
V126-5EasiPipe125 Threaded Connector £1.43