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One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
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83300350LED 12V Recess DownlightFrom £6.11
LIF1930Hera Tri LightsFrom £28.53
LIF1930DTri Single LightFrom £4.40
LIF1930LHera Tri Light, LED, Touch£49.42
LIF2023FRETTANGOLO LED Spotlight, No Switch£11.07
LIF2029SDELTA LED HE Spotlight From £13.54
LIF2029TJAVA HI LED Downlight, Square£45.18
LIF2029UBase Recessed Spotlight, 0.4W£9.49
LIF2029VJAVA HI LED Downlight, Round£39.65
LIF3069ACabinet Downlight, Halogen £3.94
LIF414ARe-Light LED Light, 3.7V £16.88
LIF1930CHera Tri Light Single, 20wFrom £8.40
LIF418ATeka LED Light £41.25
LIF419ATeka 2 LED Light £50.85
LIF422AIntermediate Cord Type C From £1.28
LIF423APower Supply Unit, 220-240V, 12Vdc From £9.60
LIF425APower Supply Unit, 220-240V, 5Vdc £14.92
LIF426AExtension Cord From £0.81
LIF2074AILED Surface Mounted SpotlightFrom £45.14
LIF403BMurano LED Light, 12V From £46.05
LIF404AMalindi LED Light, 12V From £16.65
LIF406ALugano LED Light, 12V From £21.60
LIF407AGeneve LED Light, 12V From £21.30
LIF409AKuomi LED Light, 12VFrom £4.73
LIF411ANova Emotion LED Light, 12V From £37.35
LIF412EDakar LED Light, 12V From £12.30
LIF415AArea-Light LED Light, 12V From £34.20
LIF416ASpace-Light LED Light, 12V From £23.85
LIF417ALuminella LED Light From £16.20
LIF420ASkyline LED Light, 12VFrom £15.53
LIF427APower Supply Unit, 220-240V, 350mA From £11.40
LIF410AMoonlight LED Light, 12VFrom £15.00
LIF421AHawaii LED LightFrom £9.75
LIF412ADakar LED Light, 12V From £12.30
83314380LED Mirror Light, 240V, IP44 £10.12
83314381LED Mirror Light, 240V, IP44 £11.99
82629751LED GX53 Extension LeadFrom £1.07
LIF3071ACabinet Downlight, Surface mountedFrom £3.19
LIF4103ALED Surface Mounted DownlightFrom £8.38
LIF4104ALED Wedge DownlightFrom £9.12
LIF2029S24DELTA LED HE 24V DownlightFrom £9.41
LIF2037GX53 LED Circular Mains BulbFrom £6.72
LIF2037MGX53 Fluorescent Circular BulbFrom £4.96
LIF2038MMini-Circ Link Bracket£1.25
LIF3050ALED RGB Square, Colour Changing£12.40
LIF3051BLED Cabinet Downlight, Recessed From £0.80
LIF3052ALED Cabinet Downlight, Triangle£9.41
LIF3053ALED Cabinet Downlight, SquareFrom £6.94
LIF3054ALED Cabinet Downlight, SurfaceFrom £9.20
LIF3059ALED Recessed Cabinet Downlight£7.12
LIF1930M09LED Cabinet Downlight, TriangleFrom £8.64
LIF4102ALED Recessed DownlightFrom £7.55
83300376LED Wedge Light Set£36.33
82363961LED GX53 240V Downlight HousingFrom £3.58
82672011LED GX53 240V Downlight HousingFrom £4.74
83033737LED GX53 Lamp, 3WFrom £8.43
83074761LED Strip Light, 240VFrom £16.40
83300358LED 12V Wedge DownlightFrom £6.49
83300365LED Triangular Light SetFrom £34.88
83314060NITE LED Cornice Light, IP44From £58.26
LIF5030LED Kwadra Cabinet Light£8.80
LIF1930C1Triangle Undershelf DownlightFrom £3.61
LIF2059LED Drawer Light with SensorFrom £22.22
LIF3070ACabinet Downlight, Surface mountedFrom £3.19
LIF3078ARecessed High Power Downlight, TiltFrom £8.54
LIF4105ALED Square DownlightFrom £6.70
LIF4114AHPSM Cabinet LightFrom £8.32
LIF5023ACOB LED Cabinet Downlight, 12VFrom £1.70
LIF5024ACOB LED Cabinet Triangle DownlightFrom £11.87
LIF5026COB LED Ultra-thin Cabinet Light£16.11
LIF5026ACOB LED Ultra-thin Cabinet LightFrom £12.30
LIF5029ALED Tilt Cabinet DownlightFrom £9.33
LIF2023LED 19 Diode Slim Light, 12VFrom £6.40
83010065LED Flat Cornice Downlight, Surface £63.05
83302912LED Driver, 6-Way Distributor£12.90
LIF5032ALED Over Cupboard, 12V/1.6W £13.20
82629761LED GX53 Distributor £6.53
LIF4112ALED Double Door Cupboard Light £37.23
LIF4110AConical Downlight, Surface MountedFrom £3.24
LIF5027ACOB LED Wave Light, 12VFrom £14.84
LIF5000ALinear LED Profile, Surface MountedFrom £34.56
LIF5001ELinear LED Profile, Recessed £14.66
LIF5025ALED Under Cabinet Light, 12V/2.5WFrom £9.20
LIF5028BLED Square Downlight, 12V/1.6W £5.60
LIF5095ASwitchable Colour LED Downlight £20.00

This range of LED cabinet lighting fixtures can illuminate some of the otherwise darker places in the house For example they would be fantastic for kitchen under cabinet lighting. They help bring a fresh and modern feel to a room. Our collection includes downlights, cornice lights, spotlights and plenty more. How well a room is lit can make or break a rooms layout, so it is very important that you take the time to choose one that is right for you.