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LIF4027ALED Tape, Colour Changing, 30/M £19.20
LIF4028ALED Tape, Colour Changing, 30/M £19.20
LIF4029ALED Tape, Colour Changing, 60/M £23.20
LIF5007ATouch Colour Temp. Remote Control £35.20
LIF4030ALED Tape, Colour Change, IP65, 30/M £21.60
LIF4031ALED Tape, Colour Change, IP65, 60/M £21.60
LIF4054ALED Tape, Ultra High Output, 120/M From £15.92
LIF4055ALED Tape, High Output, IP65, 120/M From £19.12
LIF4056ALED Tape, Ultra High Output, 120/M From £17.52
LIF4057ALED Flex Tape, 240/M From £20.00
LIF4058ALED Tape, Ultra High Output, 60/M From £20.00
LIF4059ALED Tape, High Output, IP65, 60/M From £23.20
LIF4060ALED Twin Row Tape, 2x98/M From £29.60
LIF4061ALED Quad Row Tape, 4x98/M From £52.80
LIF4062ALED Tape, Colour Adjustable, 120/M From £20.00
LIF4063ALED Tape, Side Emitting, 60/M From £17.60
LIF4064ALED Bendable Tape, 60/M From £15.92
LIF4065ALED Tape, Colour Changing, 60/M From £20.00
LIF4066ALED Tape, Colour Changing, 60/M From £20.00
LIF4067ALED Tape, Colour Change, IP65, 60/M £26.40
LIF4068ALED Tape, External, IP67, 60/M From £16.80
LIF4069ALED Tape, External, IP67, 30/M £23.20
LIF4070ALED Mains Tape, 60/M From £19.20
LIF4071ALED Mains Tape, 60/M From £28.80
LIF4072ALED NEON Flex Tape From £6.40
LIF3025C02LED Tape, Colour Changing£31.92
LIF4020ALED Tape, FX120, Standard 120/M From £15.92
LIF4021ALED Tape, FX120, IP65, 120/M From £19.12
LIF4023ALED Tape, FX5050, IP, 60/M From £24.00
LIF4018ALED Tape, FXLED, Standard 60/MFrom £10.40
LIF4022ALED Tape, FX5050, 60/MFrom £19.20
LIF4052ALED Tape, IP65, 30/MFrom £9.60
LIF4053ALED Tape, Standard 60/MFrom £10.40
LIF5009ASolderless Connectors for LED TapeFrom £1.63
LIF3019A04LED Tape, IP65 60, Self Adhesive £35.20
LIF3027D04LED Tape, 240V, No Driver Required From £19.20
LIF4024BLED Tape, Stabilised, LEDFX01, 60/M From £17.60
LIF4026ALED Tape Side Emitting, IP, 78/M£22.40
LIF5004ALED Tape, FX30-IP, IP65, 30/MFrom £11.20
LIF5005BLED Tape, FX120-24-IP, IP65, 120/M £19.12
LIF5006BLED Tape, Standard, 60/M From £12.00
LIF5008ALED Tape, FXRGB, Change+White, 60/MFrom £20.00
LIF4019ALED Tape, FXLED, IP65, 60/MFrom £13.60
83373337Loox 12V LED Flexible Strip Light From £59.47

LED tape lights have multiple puposes. The fact that they tend to be more flexible than traditional style lighting fixtures, gives them a huge advantage over them. This type of lighting is ideal for illuminating curves, rounded surfaces and much more. It is a very versatile solution that will help you piece together your room design ideas.