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Hart Wholesale | Lights | Light Shelves

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LIF1944EHera Light Shelf Box GS1£230.62
LIF1944LLight Shelf, Major£60.02
LIF1945Hera Light Shelf Box GS2From £77.50
LIF1945CHera Light Shelf GDS1 NEWFrom £100.46
LIF1945EHera Light Shelf GDS2 NEWFrom £109.42
82636900Push Switch, 240V, Plastic £22.87
82754700Infrared Sensor Switch, Plastic£64.50
82670991Replacement T5 Fluorescent Tube £5.33
82677951Fluorescent Box Shelf Light, 240VFrom £39.60
83314030WING Shelf Light, 240VFrom £170.29
82674903Fluorescent Illuminated Shelf, 240V From £102.50

In this section you will see a range of shelves with lights that really help improve the design and atmosphere of a room. These iluminated shelves will be a welcome addition to any room that is dark and dreary.