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Hart Wholesale | Lights | Low Voltage Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting   Back to Lights

82064700Distributor, Plastic£14.07
82210390Direct Connector, Plastic£1.89
82324061Electronic Transformer, 12V/70W£27.51
82555034Halogen 6Way Electronic Transformer£8.48
82556003Halogen Light Dimmer Switch Set£54.24
LIF19182 Low Voltage Light Set, 20wFrom £26.19
LIF19193 Low Voltage Light Set, 20wFrom £27.61
LIF1919FARF Low Voltage Flush Light, 20w£5.98
LIF1921Single Low Voltage Light, 20w£5.95
LIF19211Single Low Heat LightFrom £17.17
LIF1921ASingle Low Voltage Light, 20wFrom £4.69
LIF1955ASLG Stick Light + Low Voltage Bulb£15.62
LIF1955CPHalogen LuminaireFrom £18.94
LIF1956LED DK3 Curved Glass Shade£18.53
LIF1990Freedom V07 Fluorescent Light T5£18.80
LIF19901Freedom V07 Cover£2.40
LIF1991AFreedom V07-R Fluorescent LightFrom £1.20
LIF1991Freedom V07-R Fluorescent Light £19.59
82838632Low Voltage Economy Light Set £23.58
82583702Low Voltage Economy Light, Plastic £12.18
82061300Screw On Plug, PlasticFrom £1.69
82306214Halogen Downlight, Recess, 12VFrom £20.57
82361279Halogen Downlight, Surface, 12VFrom £12.17
82363237Halogen Downlight, Recess, 12VFrom £23.89
82366210Rocker Switch, PlasticFrom £20.57
82516202Low Voltage Swivel Light, 12V/20W£27.21
82810401Angled Down Light, PlasticFrom £17.18
LIF1995Metal Cabinet Downlight, RecessedFrom £2.45
82383991Capsule Lamp G4 Halogen Bulb £0.40
82569093Low Voltage Halogen Triangle Light £19.87
82409032Low Voltage Cornice Light, 12V/20W£41.33
82409052Low Voltage Cornice Light, 12V/20W£52.60
82410232Low Voltage Wall Light, 12V/20W£51.79
82436401Wall Light, 12V/2x10W, Steel£13.94
82383222Low Voltage Halogen Round LightFrom £3.93
82062300Safety End Cap, PlasticFrom £0.29
82180014Osram Halogen Bulb, G4, 12VFrom £4.15
82536716Electronic TransformerFrom £26.25