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Porcelain Knobs   Back to Cabinet Knobs

Porcelain cabinet knobs can really help brighten a older piece of furniture up. Choosing a suitable design and shape will give the cabinet a unique and fresh feel, but that is also one of the more challenging aspects of making a room more homely. Choose wrongly and the cabinet can really downgrade the overall look and feel of a room.

We offer a great range of products in this section that we feel are of the highest quality. If you have any questions about shapes, sizes or just general enquiries in relation to any of the porcelain knobs displayed on this page, get in touch today.

13048309VICTORIA KnobFrom £0.62
HAP1Porcelain KnobFrom £9.76
HAP10Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP13Porcelain KnobFrom £15.25
13017700Knob, Ø38mm£0.83
13048302Furniture Knob, Ceramic£1.30
HA3182AExpress Crackle Knob with BaseFrom £1.60
HA3182CExpress Crackle Oval Knob with BaseFrom £4.90
HA3258CExpress Knob with BaseFrom £1.62
HAP11Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP12Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP14Porcelain KnobFrom £14.26
HAP15Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP16Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP18Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP19Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP24Porcelain KnobFrom £14.40
HAP25Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP27Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP29Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP3Porcelain KnobFrom £10.72
HAP35Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP4Porcelain KnobFrom £12.80
HAP40Porcelain Knob, Victorian£17.60
HAP41Porcelain Knob£12.00
HAP47Porcelain Knob, Victorian£12.00
HAP49Porcelain KnobFrom £11.84
HAP5Porcelain KnobFrom £13.60
HAP50Porcelain Knob£11.84
HAP56Porcelain Knob£9.92
HAP58Porcelain Knob£9.92
HAP59Porcelain Knob£9.92
HAP63Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP6LPorcelain KnobFrom £8.80
HAP7Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP82APorcelain Knob£9.92
HAP82BPorcelain Knob£9.92
HAP82CPorcelain Knob£9.92
HAP82EPorcelain Knob£9.92
HAP82GPorcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP82IPorcelain Knob, Flat CentreFrom £9.92
HAP17Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP1VPorcelain Knob, VictorianFrom £18.00
HAP20Porcelain KnobFrom £15.00
HAP22Porcelain KnobFrom £12.00
HAP44Porcelain KnobFrom £12.00
HAP82OPorcelain Shell HandleFrom £32.00
DHM224AStaffordshire Cabinet PullFrom £3.65
DHM228AStaffordshire Cabinet PullFrom £5.34
HAP39Porcelain KnobFrom £11.52
HAP30Porcelain KnobFrom £9.92
HAP31Porcelain KnobFrom £6.40
HAP6GPorcelain Knob £18.00
HAP82FPorcelain Knob £9.92
HAP2Porcelain KnobFrom £16.00
HAP1BPorcelain KnobFrom £8.00
DHM423APorcelain Cabinet KnobFrom £1.64
HAF201APorcelain Wardrobe Knob From £1.97
HAF202APorcelain Cupboard Knob From £1.80
HAF203APorcelain Cupboard Knob From £2.65
HA3182BPValencia Crackle KnobFrom £2.16
HA3182NCrackle Knob with blue crackleFrom £5.46
HAC225ACrackle Porcelain KnobFrom £0.86
HAC226ACrackle Porcelain Mushroom KnobFrom £2.29