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BFH038AShower Curtain and Rail From £16.08
BFH039AShower Curtain Rail, Concealed From £28.15
BFH040ABendi Shower Curtain Track From £37.99
BFH041APro Rigid Shower Curtain Track £33.92
BFH042AShower Curtain Rings £7.03
BFH043ARollerball Shower Curtain Rings £8.00
BFH044AShower Curtain Track Gliders £2.82
BFH045AButton Shower Curtain Rings From £6.40
95034022Corner Arrester Profile 90°C£24.60
98012152Corner Shower Basket, Small, Brass£121.51
98102216Glass to Glass Hinge 90°, Brass £17.65
98102222Wall to Glass Hinge 90°, BrassFrom £13.98
98102242Rafael Wall to Glass ClampFrom £4.71
98102252Rafael Wall to Glass ClampFrom £6.39
98102272Rafael Glass to Glass 180° ClampFrom £6.44
98102532Glass to Floor Seal, Plastic£9.57

Our range of shower fittings can really help improve the layout and design of any bathroom. With some very handy shower accessories we ensure you have everything needed to create a unique and modern bathroom design that everyone can enjoy.

Other accessories we stock include shower seals,  shelfs, baskets, hinges, and clamps. 

Whatever your design needs, shower and plumbing technology in recent years has come a long way. The speed at which things can be installed including plumbing tasks make life so much easier for the average home owner trying to install a shower with a limited amount of hassle.