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Upcycling your furniture can be a rewarding job, but more than that, it can quickly turn into an enjoyable hobby, or even a career...
One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...

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00350067GB Pro Adhesive and Sealant£6.14
00307301Mitreseal Sealant,Eurothane AcrylicFrom £3.47
00350010Sanitary Sealant, SiliconeFrom £2.90
00350018Silirub MA Stone SiliconeFrom £4.01
00350027Silirub 2 Low Modulus SiliconeFrom £3.40
00350033Silirub LMN Construction SiliconeFrom £2.88
00350040Builders Sealant, UV-ResistantFrom £3.24
00350057LN7 Premium Neutral Cure SiliconeFrom £3.38
00350078Silirub N Joint SealantFrom £2.55
00350081FixAll Fills&Bonds Crystal AdhesiveFrom £5.49
00350120Fischer Express CementFrom £6.41
00350230FixAll Fills&Bonds HTack AdhesiveFrom £5.86
00351160Multi-Purpose SiliconeFrom £2.25
00352010PU45FC Adhesive, Weather Resistant£3.25
00350020Fire Sealant £5.51
00350070Acrylic Sealant, Decorators Caulk£1.28
00350080Fire Retardant Acrylic Sealant£3.08
00350083Fix All Turbo SMX Sealant+Adhesive£6.16
00350084Silirub 1 Universal Silicone£3.07
00350090Mirror Bonding Adhesive£5.67
00350100Assembly Adhesive, Solvent Free£2.84
00352020PU Construction Adhesive£4.86
SIL003ABison Polymax TubeFrom £4.82
SIL004AArbo Professional Caulk£2.09
SIL008AForever White Waterproof Sealant£7.81
SIL010ASilicon Elast-O-Seal£3.27
SIL012ASilicone Intumescent Acoustic£4.05
SIL014AAll Purpose Silicone Spray £2.70
SIL015AArbo Polymer Putty£3.44
SIL017ASilicon Sealant Strip-Out tool£2.42
SIL018ASilicon Sealant Smooth-Out Tool£2.42
SIL021AArbokol AG2 Porus Primer Tin£32.16
TOO308AArbo Skeleton Professional Gun£23.93
SIL023Silicone Eater £5.23
SIL001DArbosil Silicone Sealant S50 From £1.94
TOO309DPower Pro Caulking Gun £10.40
SIL001SEverbuild Silicone Sealant 996 £5.50
SIL001TEverbuild Silicone Sealant 450 From £3.20
SIL022GSika Sanisil Sanitary Silicone From £1.76
TOO309CPointing & Grouting Gun £17.60
SIL005AArbosil 1096 UV Silicone £17.15
SIL009DOnce Decorative Caulk Mastic£1.47
SIL001PGeneral Silicone Sealant 225From £2.06
00350310MultiFix Pro-Putty £4.73
SIL009DOnce Decorative Caulk Mastic£1.41
00355191HA6 RTV Marine Silicone£4.73
TOO309AProDec Revolving Caulking GunFrom £6.06
SIL022Sikaflex SiliconeFrom £3.65
SIL001AArbosil Silicone SealantFrom £2.77
SIL002AArbosil Silicone SealantFrom £8.67
SIL007AArbo XL Water Based Acrylic SealantFrom £4.05
SIL009ADecorative Caulk MasticFrom £0.99
SIL013AIntumescent Mastic TubeFrom £1.57
TOO307AProDec Skeleton Caulking GunFrom £2.70