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SF2443AStuddingFrom £0.60
54414590Kitchen Detergent Holder, Plastic£8.34
56550991Waste Disposal Unit, 2600 RPM£101.12
56561981Waste Kit for Item 56561140£22.60
56564910Replacement Spa Filter Cartridge £27.71
HSSJC135Plinth Connector Corner 135°£1.97
KA1545Base Pull out with Soft Close£75.16
KA545Plinth, Plastic£31.68
MIS2202Tap WasherFrom £12.16
MIS2203Plug, RubberFrom £5.31
63702-0011Kitchen Plinth Adjusting Screw£0.43
63765-0030Kitchen Plinth Adjustment Fittings£1.45
56560950Rangemaster Strainer Bowl £57.64
56560997Rangemaster Waste Kit £7.43
56564851Rangemaster Draining Basket £41.58
56564906Rangemaster Chopping Board £44.21
56564981Rangemaster 700 Waste Disposal Unit £152.11
56564982Rangemaster 750 Waste Disposal Unit £272.06
56564983Rangemaster 800 Waste Disposal Unit £298.47
56564994Rangemaster Waste Kit WKIT22 £22.60
56779090Universal Tap Support Bracket £11.92
63742932Kitchen Plinth Height Adjuster £3.83
63742942Kitchen Plinth Height Adjuster £1.52
63769320Kitchen Plinth Height Adjuster £0.69
56564993Nevada Inset Sink, 1½ Bowl £39.24
56560920Rangemaster KA48 Plate Rack £23.20
MIS2203ASink Strainer, PlasticFrom £12.00
56797903Smeg Chopping Board, Wooden £61.47
56797909Smeg TLC34 Sink Accessories Set £144.07
56797920Smeg Iris Strainer Bowl £52.83
56797921Smeg Alba/Rigae Strainer Bowl £38.41
56797922Smeg Mira Strainer Bowl £67.23
56797933Smeg Draining Basket £48.02
56797980Smeg Waste Disposal Unit £261.95
56797989Smeg Multi-Fit Sink Connector £1.93
56564992Rangemaster Waste Kit WKIT15£19.08
56564801Rangemaster KA26 Strainer BowlFrom £38.55
54414501Undersink Base Unit Liner, PlasticFrom £10.61
54527711Hailo Deposito Undersink StorageFrom £18.00
54734251Undersink Pull Out Wire BasketFrom £94.02
55623592Ninka Banio Under Sink StorageFrom £12.48
56554310Undersink Liner, AluminiumFrom £15.58
56560992Space Saving Waste KitFrom £31.58
55161126MX Under Sink Drawer Front PanelFrom £17.90
56797910Smeg Chopping Board, GlassFrom £48.02
56797930Smeg Draining BasketFrom £48.02
KA1507Sink Base Matt, Rigid PlasticFrom £14.20
55637517Ninka Connect Tray and DividersFrom £30.03
55637527Ninka Connect Tray and DividersFrom £32.85
55637537Ninka Connect Tray and DividersFrom £25.06
55637547Ninka Connect Tray and DividersFrom £23.00
56554-0043Kitchen Sink Liner£11.85
56797901Smeg Chopping Board, WoodenFrom £57.64

This is our wholesale kitchen sink accessories page where you will find various equipment, products and attachments for storage, waste, undersink units and even items for the sink itself such as rubber plugs, and strainers.