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56559761Portland Single Bowl and Drainer £193.44
56559771Belfast Double Bowl Sink £290.95
56559781Portland 1½ Bowl and Drainer £221.77
56560030Keyhole Inset Sink, 1½ Bowl£287.37
56560181Rangemaster Baltimore BL8001 Sink £96.89
56560191Rangemaster Baltimore BL9501 Sink£96.89
56560201Rangemaster Baltimore BL9502 1½Sink£122.37
56560211Rangemaster Glendale GL9501 Sink £105.38
56560221Rangemaster Glendale GL9501 1½Sink£156.37
56560271Rangemaster Manhattan MN10105 2Sink£298.22
56563771Rustique Single Bowl Sink £156.58
56563781Rustique Single Bowl Sink £124.15
56564100Undermount Single Bowl Sink £88.39
56564110Undermount Single Bowl Sink £139.38
56564201Atlantic Classic Single Bowl£156.37
56564221Atlantic Quad Single Bowl £102.69
56564231Atlantic Quad Single Bowl£165.75
56564241Atlantic Classic 1½ Bowl£237.10
56564251Atlantic Classic Double Bowl Sink£296.60
56564261Atlantic Classic Double Bowl Sink£334.83
56564301Atlantic Quad Double Bowl£345.92
56564311Atlantic Quad Bowl£183.77
56564321Atlantic Kube Single Bowl £165.75
56564331Atlantic Kube Single Bowl£246.83
56564351Atlantic Kube Single Bowl£260.33
56564361Atlantic Kube Double Bowl£435.99
56564371Atlantic Kube Single Bowl£278.35
56564381Atlantic Kube Single Bowl£363.93
56564740Belfast Sink, No Taps £156.50
56564802Inset Single Bowl and Drainer £42.74
56745060Top Mount Inset Sink, Single Bowl £91.26
56745070Top Mount Inset Sink, Single Bowl£94.03
56745080Top Mount Inset Sink, 1½ Bowl£123.61
56747036Top Mount Single Bowl£288.82
56748000Colander for Square Bowl Sinks£51.41
56748110Undermount 1½ Single Bowl Sink£96.53
56560091Rangemaster Euroline Sink £57.93
56745106Flat Rim 1 Bowl Sink £284.25
56564111Undermount Single Bowl Sink £147.87
56559291Lunar 1½ Bowl and DrainerFrom £243.15
56560020Keyhole Inset Sink, Single Bowl £220.20
56747026Top Mount Inset Sink, Single Bowl £246.05
56748076Undermount Sink, Double Bowl £380.08
56559700Classic Belfast Sink, Single Bowl From £18.19
56560601Rangemaster Hudson 1.0 Sink £169.16
56560611Rangemaster Hudson 1.5 Sink £217.73
56562701Rangemaster Farmhouse Belfast Sink £161.07
56728000Ropox Single Inset Bowl £309.18
56558501Rangemaster Magma Igneous SinkFrom £251.01
56558511Rangemaster Magma Igneous SinkFrom £274.62
56560070Senator Single Bowl and DrainerFrom £428.06
56560080Senator 1½ Bowl and DrainerFrom £506.76
56560160Mezzo Single Bowl and DrainerFrom £290.37
56560170Mezzo 1½ Bowl and DrainerFrom £329.70
56562381Nevada Single Bowl and DrainerFrom £226.40
56564050Undermount Sink, Double BowlFrom £302.16
56745067Flat Rim 1½ Bowl Sink and DrainerFrom £479.52
56559410Cubix Inset Sink, 1½ Bowl£266.75
56559510Cubix 1½ Bowl and Drainer£266.75
56559710Cubix Inset Sink, 1½ Bowl£266.75
56562791Nevada 1½ Bowl and Drainer£243.87
56558521Rangemaster Amethyst Igneous SinkFrom £249.85
56558531Rangemaster Amethyst Igneous SinkFrom £275.35
56558561Rangemaster Paragon Igneous SinkFrom £283.85
56560100Rangemaster Rockford Single SinkFrom £282.47
56560110Rangemaster Rockford 1.5 SinkFrom £322.95
56560240Rangemaster Oakland OL9851 SinkFrom £173.36
56560250Rangemaster Oakland OL9851 1½SinkFrom £228.60
56560260Rangemaster Arlington AR9852 1½SinkFrom £399.96
56560281Rangemaster Sedona SinkFrom £161.26
56560301Rangemaster Michigan SinkFrom £101.12
56560330Rangemaster Arlington AR9852 SinkFrom £359.43
56561050Manhattan Inset Sink, Single BowlFrom £233.32
56561060Manhattan Inset Sink, 1½ BowlFrom £305.38
56564040Rangemaster Atlantic Classic SinkFrom £237.10
56564210Atlantic Classic Undermount 1½ SinkFrom £262.60
56564270Atlantic Quad 1½ BowlFrom £278.35
56564340Atlantic Kube 1½ BowlFrom £372.93
56564390Rangemaster Atlantic Kube SinkFrom £440.50
56564401Rangemaster Atlantic Quad SinkFrom £153.14
56773140Marden Granite 1.0 SinkFrom £163.70
56773150Marden Granite 1.5 SinkFrom £163.70
56773160Medway Granite 1.0 SinkFrom £160.38
56773170Medway Granite 1.5 SinkFrom £163.70
56773300Langdale Granite 1.0 SinkFrom £179.06
56773791Brook Ceramic 1.5 SinkFrom £349.42
56775110Kitchen SinkFrom £62.39
56745037Top Mount Inset Sink, Single BowlFrom £317.70
56745047Top Mount Inset Sink, 1½ BowlFrom £380.08
56745077Flat Rim 1 Bowl Sink and DrainerFrom £443.61
56745097Top Mount Inset Sink, Double BowlFrom £386.99
56745127Flat Rim 1 Bowl Sink and DrainerFrom £426.95
56747040Circular Bowl and DrainerFrom £52.52
56748046Undermount Sink, Single BowlFrom £105.12
56748093Undermount Single Bowl SinkFrom £42.55
56748167Undermount Sink, 1½ BowlFrom £293.41
56782000Edge PRFE SinkFrom £254.75
56782041Edge PRFE 350 1.5 SinkFrom £605.75
56775000Single Compact Bowl Sink and Tap £82.39
56775010Single Bowl Sink and Tap£90.71
567750201½Bowl Sink and Tap£99.84
56773330Kemp Granite 1.5 Sink £138.84
56773710Leighton Granite 1.0 Sink £262.06
56773780Draycote Ceramic Single Sink £218.63
56774320New Kemp Granite 1.0 Sink £163.70
56774330New Kemp Granite 1.5 Sink £163.70
56774700Belfast Ceramic 2.0 Sink £368.46
56775070Aldford Steel 1.0 Sink £131.49
56775080Aldford Steel 1.5 Sink £158.11
56775140Belfast Single Sink £401.17
56775150Leighton Steel 1.0 Sink £171.81
56782050Edge PRFE 400 2.0 Sink £733.22
56782062Edge PRFE 500 1.5 Sink £614.23
56797050Smeg Mira LD862-2 2.0 Sink £261.95
56797060Smeg Mira VSTR3434-2 2.0 Sink £288.14
56797110Smeg Alba VS34/P3 1.0 Sink £96.05
56797130Smeg Alba UM3416-1 1.5 Sink £122.24
56797140Smeg Alba UM4530 2.0 Sink £157.18
56797160Smeg Alba UM4545 2.0 Sink £157.18
56797210Smeg Quadra VSTQ20 1.0 Sink£174.64
56797220Smeg Quadra VSTQ40-2 1.0 Sink£183.37
56797230Smeg Quadra VSTQ50-2 1.0 Sink£192.10
56797240Smeg Quadra VSTQ72-2 1.0 Sink£200.83
56797250Smeg Mira VSTR50-2 1.0 Sink£148.45
56797260Smeg Mira VSTR34-2 1.0 Sink£122.24
56797320Smeg Rigae LE862-2 2.0 Sink£148.45
56797340Smeg Cucina CUR150 1.5 Sink£130.99
56797460Smeg Mira VSTR18-2 1.0 Sink Bowl£100.42
56797470Smeg Mira VSTR3418-2 1.5 Sink Bowl£279.41
KAPMPS02Luxury Undermount Sink£430.03
56782990Edge Half Bowl Waste Kit £8.49
56782998Edge Double Bowl Waste Kit £25.48
56782999Edge Single Bowl Waste Kit £16.99