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Every kitchen needs cabinets, but not every cabinet opens as effectively as we would like; perhaps there’s a cupboard which opens the wrong way, a door which swings shut when you want it to stay open, or that one corner unit that houses all the junk that no-one needs because it’s impossible to get into to...
  There are few things more aggravating than the constant slamming of cabinets and doors, but your home shouldn’t be a stressful atmosphere...
For a room that screams peaceful atmosphere, almost everyone will look towards perfecting their bedroom, whilst some will think of their study and a lucky few will think of a personal library...

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56564050Undermount Sink, Double BowlFrom £302.16
56745077Flat Rim 1 Bowl Sink and DrainerFrom £455.89
56773791Brook Ceramic 1.5 SinkFrom £349.42
56797021Smeg Mira LD116-2 2.0 SinkFrom £272.03
56797030Smeg Mira LD102-2 1.5 SinkFrom £223.27
56797041Smeg Mira LD861-2 1.0 SinkFrom £184.28
56797071Smeg Alba LG116 2.0 SinkFrom £174.53
56797091Smeg Alba LL102 1.5 SinkFrom £135.52
56797120Smeg 10I3P/11I SinkFrom £77.02
56797181Smeg Rigae LE102-2 1.5 SinkFrom £135.52
56797191Smeg Rigae LE116-2 2.0 SinkFrom £155.03
56797270Smeg Alba Undermount SinkFrom £38.03
56797411Smeg Iris L1915 1.5 SinkFrom £296.87
56797440Smeg Iris L192 2.0 SinkFrom £296.87
56558521Rangemaster Amethyst Igneous SinkFrom £264.84
56558531Rangemaster Amethyst Igneous SinkFrom £291.87
56558561Rangemaster Paragon Igneous SinkFrom £300.88
56559700Classic Belfast Sink, Single BowlFrom £19.28
56560080Senator 1½ Bowl and DrainerFrom £537.16
56560240Rangemaster Oakland OL9851 SinkFrom £183.76
56560250Rangemaster Oakland OL9851 1½SinkFrom £242.32
56560281Rangemaster Sedona SinkFrom £170.94
56560301Rangemaster Michigan SinkFrom £107.19
56564040Rangemaster Atlantic Classic SinkFrom £251.32
56564210Atlantic Classic Undermount 1½ SinkFrom £278.35
56564270Atlantic Quad 1½ BowlFrom £295.05
56564340Atlantic Kube 1½ BowlFrom £395.31
56564390Rangemaster Atlantic Kube SinkFrom £466.93
56564401Rangemaster Atlantic Quad SinkFrom £162.32
56585701Athena Single Bowl Sink£106.01
56585711Athena Single Bowl Sink£113.44
56585721Athena 1½ Bowl Sink£133.30
56585731Athena Single Bowl Sink£113.49
56585741Sparta Single Bowl Sink£76.14
56585751Sparta Single Bowl Sink£76.92
56585761Sparta Single Bowl Sink£81.88
56585771SR Mini Single Bowl Sink£81.14
56585781SR Twig Single Bowl Sink£81.88
56773300Langdale Granite 1.0 Sink£179.06
56798930Smeg Alba ½ and Single Bowl Sink£159.51
57040060GROHE K200 Single Bowl Sink£81.85
57040071GROHE K200 Single Bowl Sink, Tap£122.78
57040080GROHE K300 Single Bowl Sink£102.65
57040090GROHE K300 1½ Bowl Sink£156.12
57040101GROHE K300 Single Bowl Sink, Tap£162.13
57040110GROHE K400 Single Bowl Sink£122.78
57040120GROHE K400 1½ Bowl Sink£180.37
57040130GROHE K400+ Single Bowl Sink£150.10
57040140GROHE K400+ 1½ Bowl Sink£219.70
57040151GROHE K400 Single Sink,Concetto Tap£262.22
57040161GROHE K500 Single Bowl Sink£158.01
57040171GROHE K500 1½ Bowl Sink£229.19
57040181GROHE K500 Single Sink, Minta Tap£298.94
57040190GROHE K700 Undermount Sink£251.49
57040200GROHE K700 Undermount 1½ Bowl Sink£402.39
57040230GROHE K700 Single Bowl Sink£393.85
57040240GROHE K700 Single Bowl Sink£433.23
57040250GROHE K700 Single Bowl Sink£472.93
57040270GROHE K800 Single Bowl Sink£710.19
57040280GROHE K800 Single Bowl Sink£782.79
57040290GROHE K800 Double Bowl Sink£1420.38
57040300GROHE K800 Single Bowl Sink£925.15
57040310GROHE K400 Double Bowl Sink£186.86
57040320GROHE K500 Double Bowl Sink£239.59
56560335Rangemaster Arlington AR9852 Sink£380.99
56561055Manhattan Inset Sink, Single Bowl£247.32
56745097Top Mount Inset Sink, Double Bowl£425.98
57040210GROHE K700 Undermount 1½ Bowl SinkFrom £377.24
57040261GROHE K1000 Sink and DrainerFrom £1117.23
56560265Rangemaster Arlington AR9852 1½Sink£423.96
56775120Kitchen Sink£65.72
56797081Smeg Alba LG861-2 1.0 SinkFrom £106.19
56797171Smeg Rigae LE861-2 1.0 SinkFrom £106.19
56589381Alazia Granite Compact SinkFrom £170.89
56745037Top Mount Inset Sink, Single BowlFrom £349.70
56745047Top Mount Inset Sink, 1½ BowlFrom £418.37
56747040Circular Bowl and DrainerFrom £57.81
56748046Undermount Sink, Single BowlFrom £115.71
56748093Undermount Single Bowl SinkFrom £46.84
56748167Undermount Sink, 1½ BowlFrom £322.97
56775130Kitchen Sink£70.71
56782000Edge PRFE SinkFrom £186.22
56782041Edge PRFE 350 1.5 SinkFrom £484.72
56559761Portland Single Bowl and Drainer £205.04
56559771Belfast Double Bowl Sink £308.40
56559781Portland 1½ Bowl and Drainer £235.08
56560181Rangemaster Baltimore BL8001 Sink £102.70
56560191Rangemaster Baltimore BL9501 Sink£102.70
56560201Rangemaster Baltimore BL9502 1½Sink£129.71
56560211Rangemaster Glendale GL9501 Sink £111.70
56560221Rangemaster Glendale GL9501 1½Sink£165.75
56563771Rustique Single Bowl Sink £165.97
56563781Rustique Single Bowl Sink £131.60
56564100Undermount Single Bowl Sink £93.69
56564110Undermount Single Bowl Sink £147.74
56564201Atlantic Classic Single Bowl£165.75
56564231Atlantic Quad Single Bowl£175.70
56564241Atlantic Classic 1½ Bowl£251.32
56564251Atlantic Classic Double Bowl Sink£314.39
56564261Atlantic Classic Double Bowl Sink£354.92
56564301Atlantic Quad Double Bowl£366.68
56564311Atlantic Quad Bowl£194.79
56564321Atlantic Kube Single Bowl £175.70
56564331Atlantic Kube Single Bowl£261.64
56564361Atlantic Kube Double Bowl£462.15
56564371Atlantic Kube Single Bowl£295.05
56564381Atlantic Kube Single Bowl£385.77
56564740Belfast Sink, No Taps £165.89
56745060Top Mount Inset Sink, Single Bowl £100.46
56745070Top Mount Inset Sink, Single Bowl£103.50
56745080Top Mount Inset Sink, 1½ Bowl£136.07
56747036Top Mount Single Bowl£317.91
56748110Undermount 1½ Single Bowl Sink£106.26
56560091Rangemaster Euroline Sink £61.41
56564111Undermount Single Bowl Sink £156.75
56747026Top Mount Inset Sink, Single Bowl £270.84
56748076Undermount Sink, Double Bowl £418.37
56560611Rangemaster Hudson 1.5 Sink £217.73
56562701Rangemaster Farmhouse Belfast Sink £170.73
56728000Ropox Single Inset Bowl £339.09
56562791Nevada 1½ Bowl and Drainer £258.50
56560075Senator Single Bowl and Drainer £453.74
56562781Nevada Single Bowl and Drainer £239.98
56773340Marden Granite 1.0 Sink £163.70
56773350Marden Granite 1.5 Sink £163.70
56773360Medway Granite 1.0 Sink £160.38
56773370Medway Granite 1.5 Sink £163.70
56773740Marden Granite 1.0 Sink £163.70
56773750Marden Granite 1.5 Sink £163.70
56773760Medway Granite 1.0 Sink £160.38
56773770Medway Granite 1.5 Sink £163.70
56773700Langdale Granite 1.0 Sink £179.06
56775010Single Bowl Sink and Tap£90.71
567750201½Bowl Sink and Tap£99.84
56774320New Kemp Granite 1.0 Sink £163.70
56774330New Kemp Granite 1.5 Sink £163.70
56775070Aldford Steel 1.0 Sink £102.90
56775080Aldford Steel 1.5 Sink £158.11
56775140Belfast Single Sink £401.17
56775150Leighton Steel 1.0 Sink £171.81
56782050Edge PRFE 400 2.0 Sink £586.05
56782062Edge PRFE 500 1.5 Sink £503.89
56797050Smeg Mira LD862-2 2.0 Sink £272.03
56797060Smeg Mira VSTR3434-2 2.0 Sink £291.53
56797110Smeg Alba VS34/P3 1.0 Sink £96.53
56797130Smeg Alba UM3416-1 1.5 Sink £125.78
56797140Smeg Alba UM4530 2.0 Sink £164.77
56797160Smeg Alba UM4545 2.0 Sink £164.77
56797210Smeg Quadra VSTQ20 1.0 Sink£184.28
56797220Smeg Quadra VSTQ40-2 1.0 Sink£194.02
56797230Smeg Quadra VSTQ50-2 1.0 Sink£194.02
56797240Smeg Quadra VSTQ72-2 1.0 Sink£213.53
56797250Smeg Mira VSTR50-2 1.0 Sink£155.03
56797260Smeg Mira VSTR34-2 1.0 Sink£125.78
56797320Smeg Rigae LE862-2 2.0 Sink£155.03
56797340Smeg Cucina CUR150 1.5 Sink£135.52
56797460Smeg Mira VSTR18-2 1.0 Sink Bowl£96.53
56797470Smeg Mira VSTR3418-2 1.5 Sink Bowl£291.53
KAPMPS02Luxury Undermount Sink£430.03
56782990Edge Half Bowl Waste Kit £8.22
56782998Edge Double Bowl Waste Kit £24.65
56782999Edge Single Bowl Waste Kit £16.43