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Square Knobs   Back to Cabinet Knobs

HA3329ACalgary cup handle£6.48
10063200T Handle£6.39
12042900Square Knob£1.43
13114260Knob, Zamak£4.16
13117000Pull Handle£1.91
13125201T Handle£7.24
HA1116Motif Rectangular Knob, Large£4.13
HA3013York Knob£5.56
HA3352Motif Angled PullFrom £2.79
HA3370Etna Square Knob, Iron£3.61
HA77034Knob, Square with Square Hole£2.02
HAC219ADimpled Effect Square Knob£2.74
HAC220AHammered Effect Square Knob£2.74
HAM107ACabinet Pull, TrapezoidFrom £3.64
11024211Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy £0.65
13198601Square Knob, Aluminium £0.97
HA1117Motif Rectangular Knob, Small£2.88
11026222Pull Handle £0.72
HAC168AWhale Tail Small Pull HandleFrom £2.05
HAC292AVisor KnobFrom £0.59
13326030Knob, Zinc AlloyFrom £2.32
13225-0013RUNDA Furniture Knob £15.73
13225-0014RUNDA Furniture Knob £15.73
11291000Furniture Knob, AluminiumFrom £2.05
DHZ089GFulton & Bray Cube Cabinet Knob From £3.78
10268020DEXTER Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £2.20
10855000T HandleFrom £1.57
12305910Hammered Knob, Square, Cast IronFrom £2.89
13111000FLYNN KnobFrom £5.24
13117200LARA Knob£3.27
HAM106ACabinet Knob, PyramidFrom £5.34
HAM122ACabinet Knob, RectangleFrom £5.70
HAM123ACabinet Knob, HexagonFrom £5.01
HAM133ACabinet Knob, Square SteppedFrom £7.46
HAC214ASquare KnobFrom £1.92
HAC291AHelio KnobFrom £1.92
HAC294AMarin KnobFrom £0.94
HAC295ANovus KnobFrom £1.87
HAC296AGamma KnobFrom £1.87
HA1191Warwick Square KnobFrom £1.23
HA3257Square Knob with BackplateFrom £1.65
HA3328Georgia Pull Knob, SquareFrom £3.39

Square cabinet knobs can help bring out the best features in your kitchen cabinets. The wide selection of designs available above mean users are not limited is how they want their rooms to appear. Although most of the knobs in this section are square, their is also several other shapes such as octagonal, hook, and trapezoid. 

The different effects and finishes avaialble include hammered, roof, dimpled, finger pull, abd T-handle. If you are looking for advice or are unsure about any of the products offered above, why not get in touch with a our sales team.