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The kitchen is the heart of the home and design trends are always changing - so why not let Hart Wholesale help you get a handle on new kitchen trends? If you want to deliver an on-trend kitchen for your clients, then nothing updates cabinets faster than new handles...
As we move on from winter and into the warmer weather of spring, a feeling of freshness emanates the air...
LED lights can be a discreet yet stylish way to light up the room and enhance your décor...

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64256802Extending Table Runner£28.85
64259902Extending Table Runner£72.09
64290919Folding Bracket for Tables/Benches£6.07
56270034GetaLit Laminate Breakfast Bar £306.48
56270364Apollo Solid Surface Breakfast Bar £610.57
56270384Apollo Solid Surface Breakfast Bar £610.57
56270438Apollo Magna Internal Cover £464.56
56270452Apollo Magna Internal Cover £418.10
56270515Apollo Magna Internal Cover £464.56
56270649Apollo Quartz Breakfast Bar £640.13
56270650Apollo Quartz Island Unit £749.55
56270677Apollo Quartz Breakfast Bar £640.13
56270678Apollo Quartz Island Unit £749.55
56270719Apollo Quartz Breakfast Bar £640.13
56270720Apollo Quartz Island Unit £749.55
64269205Extending Table Runner £59.79
64269207Extending Table Runner £70.41
64281300Table Folding Bracket, Steel £55.86
KMLWMixer Lift Worktop Extender £80.18
56270436Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast BarFrom £388.18
56270450Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast BarFrom £388.18
56270513Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast BarFrom £421.28
KTFTMPull-Out TableFrom £47.78
64248921Extending Table Top Connector £0.58
56270416Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast Bar £423.59
56270424Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast Bar £423.59
56270432Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast Bar £421.28
56270447Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast Bar £421.28
56270461Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast Bar £421.28
56270468Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast Bar £421.28
56270475Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast Bar £421.28
56270482Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast Bar £421.28
56270489Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast Bar £421.28
56270496Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast Bar £421.28
56270503Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast Bar £421.28
56270510Apollo Magna Solid Breakfast Bar £421.28
56270342Avonite Solid Surface Vanity TopFrom £295.89
50422421Foldaway Fittings, SteelFrom £3.60