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Hart Wholesale | Toilet Cubicle Fittings | Toilet Cubicle Hinges

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CUB016AToilet Cubicle Hinge£14.35
CUB017AToilet Cubicle Hinge£14.95
CUB018AToilet Cubicle Hinge£22.92
98007922Toilet Cubicle Hinge pair, Aluminiu £30.58
CUB020AToilet Cubicle KeepFrom £3.36
CUB021AToilet Cubicle Head TrackFrom £23.47
CUB032AMultirol Hinge PackFrom £18.19
98007002Ultima D Headrail £55.34
98007003Plinth Partition Support Leg £46.94
98007004Challenger Bolt £37.96
98007005Challenger Rise/Fall Cubicle Hinge £33.25
98007006Challenger Channel Bracket £11.32
98007320Hinge Set, Normal Duty, AluminiumFrom £20.88
98007321Hinge Set, Heavy Duty, AluminiumFrom £21.67
98007360Keep, Outward Opening, AluminiumFrom £3.71

Hart Wholesale stock a range of toilet cubicle fittings, which include toilet cubicle hinges, coat hooks, headrails and legs. We believe in the importance of using only the best and most reliable toilet cubicle fittings, which is why Hart Wholesale only stock items that are of the highest quality. Whatever the needs of your customer, we are confident that we have the products that you are looking for.

On this page you will find our range of toilet cubicle hinges, which are all available in a number of different sizes, are all made with satin anodised aluminium and stainless steel, and are all sold in pairs. The hinges all include a feature that allows the door to swing freely to an open position, making it extremely easy to clean.

High Quality Toilet Cubicle Hinges To Suit A Door Of Any Thickness

All of the toilet cubicle hinges available are designed to be suitable for doors from 13mm thickness to 44mm thickness. This means that there should be one suitable for whatever project you are carrying out. All of our cubicle hinges offer a low maintenance option, which should last you for a long time. We offer affordable prices, with the cost of hinges ranging from £13.66 to £25.05, meaning that there should be something to suit every budget.

Contact Hart Wholesale For More Information On Our Range Of Toilet Cubicle Fittings

All Hart Wholesale products are made to the best possible standard, and sold at affordable prices. Our brilliant toilet cubicle fittings are perfect for creating the best possible facility, no matter what your client is looking for.

For more information on any of our cubicle fittings, feel free to contact our knowledgeable team on 01702 614044 and they will be happy to advise you.