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Hart Wholesale | TV and Audio Fittings

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81733350Vogel's Mounting Bracket, Tilt 20°From £160.21
81733360Vogel's Mounting Bracket, Tilt 20°From £240.33
81733500Vogel's Mounting BracketFrom £92.20
81733510Vogel's Mounting Bracket, Tilt 15°From £124.28
81733530Vogel's Mounting Bracket, Tilt 20°From £283.78
83302827Remo Bluetooth Speaker SystemFrom £136.45
42168380Plasma and LCD TV Lift, Steel£487.30
42168422Plasma and LCD TV Lift, Steel£526.74
42168423Plasma and LCD TV Lift, Steel£785.88
81064324Single CD Rack, Plastic£2.46
81069991Storage Rack Record Divider Bar£0.67
81089300Multimedia Storage Rails, Plastic£2.89
81730900RingO Flex Mount for iPad£74.49
81732320Vogel's WALL1015 Mounting Bracket £27.91
81732340Vogel's WALL1020 Mounting Bracket £56.04
81732341Vogel's WALL1120 Mounting Bracket£72.04
81733520Vogel's THIN225 Mounting Bracket£224.33
81820311LCD/TFT Flat Screen Support Tilt£19.60
98554310Espirit Cover Frame, Glass£7.98
BR292Television Support Swivel Bracket£11.20
42168493Swivel Bracket for 700/750 TV Lifts £96.35
81730950iPad Speaker Dock £159.82
83302821Gira Bluetooth Receiver £206.42
83302822Gira Speaker for 12V Audio System £24.64
42168389TV Lift Remote Control £23.46
42168490Remote RF System, Type A £59.94
42168491Remote RF System, Type B £61.10
42168492TV Lift Power Supply, 220V £65.16
81731900RingO Tablet Wall Mount £35.01
81731910RingO Universal Tablet Holder £19.84
81731920RingO Tablet Wall Pack £44.02
81731930RingO Tablet Flex Pack £88.07
81731940RingO Tablet Car Pack £75.47
81731950RingO Tablet Dashboard Pack £41.48
82264053STORM Bluetooth Audio System £439.20
82264055Sofaudio 39X Bluetooth System £192.27
42168385Flat Screen TV Lift TS600B £355.55
42168386LED Screen TV Lift TS600B £290.45
42168387TV Monitor Bracket MB600 £20.03
42168388TV Lid Lifter TS600 £22.54
DR92635BLUM Pocket Door KitFrom £21.80
81730920RingO Wall Mount for iPad £48.84
98554203Gira Radio Wall Transmitter, Flat £129.58
83302830Remo Bluetooth Audio Speaker System£113.45

Getting your lounge or living areas electronics organized can be tricky. Making use of the space available to you will be an important task in making a room layout work.

That is why we have taken the time to hand pick high quality wholesale products ranging from TV wall brackets, to CD storage units and audio fittings to help you maximize room space.

Our product ranges come in many different materials including metal, wood, and plastic and they are designed to last.

Other great products we stock include DVD and blue ray storage racks, multimedia storage rails, iPad car mounts, remote controls and radio receivers.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about any of the products in this section.