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One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...
When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...

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  • Available with round spigots or rectangular sockets
  • Various types for different applications
  • External and internal options
  • Choices for wall, ceiling and roof
  • Manufactured with UV stable materials to reduce colour fade
  • Airbricks meet British Standard BS493
  • Excellent airflow performance
53684230Smeg Victoria Chimney HoodFrom £657.11
53684234Smeg Victoria Chimney HoodFrom £555.86
53684281Smeg Range Chimney HoodFrom £297.76
V145Internal Door Ventilator, Plastic£3.63
V4411Universal Roof Cowl, Male £106.06
V1574SSlotvent £4.22
V1575GSlotvent £3.87
V1575HSlotvent £63.36
DVS003AVentilatorFrom £0.85
DVS005AVentilatorFrom £1.04
53614323Smeg Range Chimney Hood £797.22
53614348Smeg Range Chimney Hood £576.11
53684023Smeg Range Ceiling Hood £1517.58
53684030Smeg Range Canopy Hood £72.04
53684056Smeg Range Canopy Hood £134.48
53684061Smeg Range Telescopic Hood £316.96
53684093Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Hood £561.56
53684101Smeg Range Integrated Hood £110.47
53684111Smeg Telescopic Hood £115.25
53684123Smeg Telescopic Hood £413.01
53684133Smeg Slide Away Telescopic Hood £229.70
53684157Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Ceiling Hood £1324.80
53684163Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Hood £655.31
53684263Smeg Range Chimney Hood £183.58
53684295Smeg Range Chimney Hood £336.19
53581236Rangemaster Classic110 Chimney HoodFrom £486.06
V151JHit and Miss VentFrom £8.64
50036305Rangemaster 90 Chimney HoodFrom £340.35
53581221Rangemaster Classic 90 Chimney HoodFrom £438.13
53581240Rangemaster Classic100 Chimney HoodFrom £465.93
53581250Rangemaster Classic100 Chimney HoodFrom £368.15
53581260Rangemaster Classic110 Chimney HoodFrom £389.23
53581270Rangemaster 60 Chimney HoodFrom £291.45
53581320Rangemaster 110 HoodFrom £389.23
53581370Hi-Lite 900/1100 Cooker HoodFrom £552.22
53581390Opal Cooker HoodFrom £511.00
53581400Bellini Cooker HoodFrom £893.51
53581410Zest Cooker HoodFrom £851.33
53581420Vesper Cooker HoodFrom £1191.68
53581430Rangemaster Flat Cooker HoodFrom £474.56
53581434Rangemaster Flat Cooker HoodFrom £508.11
53581439Rangemaster Flat Cooker HoodFrom £527.29
53581450Hi-Lite 900/1100 Cooker HoodFrom £584.25
50030112Integrated Extractor Hood£71.74
53581280Rangemaster 70 Chimney HoodFrom £321.18
V152Louvre VentFrom £1.04
V153AHit and Miss VentFrom £0.93
V793Flat Louvre Vent, PlasticFrom £2.28
53780243Falcon Super Extract HoodFrom £1192.10
53780245Falcon Super Extract HoodFrom £1390.79
50030212Canopy HoodFrom £9.70
56530174Cowled Wall VentFrom £2.90
97500061Trimvent Select S13 Slot VentilatorFrom £0.90
97500207Trimvent 4000 Hi Lift VentilatorFrom £17.68
97500301Trimvent XS13 Slot VentilatorFrom £13.45
97500401Trimvent R16 Select ExtraVentilatorFrom £9.78
DVC101APlain Slot Brass VentFrom £4.61
DVC102AHit and Miss Brass VentFrom £12.46
DVC103AHooded Louvre Brass VentFrom £4.50
53684243Smeg Range Chimney HoodFrom £379.40
53684251Smeg Range Chimney HoodFrom £350.59
53684303Smeg Range Chimney HoodFrom £360.18
53684313Smeg Range Angled Chimney HoodFrom £1200.62
53684335Smeg Linea Angled Chimney HoodFrom £1248.64
53684358Smeg Symphony Chimney HoodFrom £677.81
53684453Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Angled HoodFrom £983.44
DVS004AVentilatorFrom £1.68
DVS006AVentilatorFrom £1.92
DVS007AVentilator, ABSFrom £1.47
DVS008AVentilator, ABSFrom £0.67
57548004Click Vent SystemFrom £26.95
V4110System100 Roof Vent CowlFrom £10.79
V501Airbrick Outlet with DamperFrom £3.62
V505Airbrick Outlet with DamperFrom £4.21
V893Flat Adjustment Vent, PlasticFrom £2.68
DVF001ASlotted Ventilator From £5.41
DVF003AHit and Miss Ventilator From £11.02
DVF004ALouvre Ventilator From £5.42
DVF006ASlotted Ventilator From £2.96
DVF007AHit and Miss Ventilator From £4.81
DVF008ALouvre Ventilator From £1.62
53684343Smeg Opera Chimney Hood £555.86
53684363Smeg Chimney Hood £350.59
53684391Smeg Opera Chimney Hood £555.86
53684421Smeg Chimney Hood £158.49
53684433Smeg Chimney Hood £321.95
53684493Smeg Chimney Hood £370.75
53684503Smeg Chimney Hood £361.15
53684608Smeg Range Island Chimney Hood £624.33
53684609Smeg Range Island Hood £816.43
53684618Smeg Range Island Hood £624.33
53684628Smeg Range T Island Hood £624.33
53684633Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Island Hood £2491.20
53684641Smeg Island Downdraft Hood £1440.76
53684900Smeg Charcoal Filter £35.98
53684901Smeg Long Life Charcoal Filter £52.67
53684902Smeg Charcoal Filter £26.75
53684903Smeg Charcoal Filter £35.98
V154Louvre Vent, PlasticFrom £0.77
V1574DSlotventFrom £3.81
53684904Smeg Charcoal Filter £35.98
53684905Smeg Charcoal Filter £26.75
53684906Smeg Charcoal Filter £26.75
V157ATrimvent 4000From £1.98
50030034Canopy Hood£115.51
50036306Rangemaster 90 Chimney Hood £389.23
50030991Contract Canopy Hood £6.55
50030980Island Chimney Hood, Curved£10.72
50036309Chimney Hood, Stainless Steel£340.35
53581000Chimney Hood, Built-In£540.71
53581203Rangemaster Toledo 90 Chimney Hood£594.40
53581215Toledo 110 Cooker Hood£648.09
53581225Elite Cooker Hood, Stainless Steel£973.09
53581235Rangemaster Classic 110 Hood£486.06
53581432Island Hood, Ceiling Mounted£474.56
53581438Rangemaster Flat Cooker Hood£527.29
53684980Smeg Canopy Hood Remote Control £63.65
53780-0003Falcon Super Extract Hood£1323.72
53780-0004Falcon Built-In Hood£596.06
53780-0006Falcon 1000 S-Extract Hood £1323.72