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When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...
Aventos lift systems provide an absolutely effortless way to open and close kitchen cabinets, as they open upwards no matter how heavy the cupboard door happens to be...
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a fundamental component of health and safety for any building environment...

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  • Available with round spigots or rectangular sockets
  • Various types for different applications
  • External and internal options
  • Choices for wall, ceiling and roof
  • Manufactured with UV stable materials to reduce colour fade
  • Airbricks meet British Standard BS493
  • Excellent airflow performance
V145Internal Door Ventilator, Plastic£3.63
V4411Universal Roof Cowl, Male £106.06
V1574SSlotvent £4.22
V1575GSlotvent £3.87
V1575HSlotvent £63.36
DVS003AVentilatorFrom £0.85
DVS005AVentilatorFrom £1.04
53614323Smeg Range Chimney Hood £797.22
53614348Smeg Range Chimney Hood £566.53
53684023Smeg Range Ceiling Hood £1517.58
53684030Smeg Range Canopy Hood £72.04
53684056Smeg Range Canopy Hood £134.48
53684061Smeg Range Telescopic Hood £316.96
53684093Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Hood £561.56
53684101Smeg Range Integrated Hood £110.47
53684111Smeg Telescopic Hood £115.25
53684123Smeg Telescopic Hood £413.01
53684133Smeg Slide Away Telescopic Hood £211.30
53684157Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Ceiling Hood £1324.80
53684163Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Hood £655.31
53684263Smeg Range Chimney Hood £183.37
53684295Smeg Range Chimney Hood £336.19
53581236Rangemaster Classic110 Chimney HoodFrom £486.06
V151JHit and Miss VentFrom £8.64
50036305Rangemaster 90 Chimney HoodFrom £340.35
53581221Rangemaster Classic 90 Chimney HoodFrom £438.13
53581240Rangemaster Classic100 Chimney HoodFrom £465.93
53581250Rangemaster Classic100 Chimney HoodFrom £368.15
53581260Rangemaster Classic110 Chimney HoodFrom £389.23
53581270Rangemaster 60 Chimney HoodFrom £291.45
53581320Rangemaster 110 HoodFrom £389.23
53581370Hi-Lite 900/1100 Cooker HoodFrom £552.22
53581390Opal Cooker HoodFrom £511.00
53581400Bellini Cooker HoodFrom £893.51
53581410Zest Cooker HoodFrom £851.33
53581420Vesper Cooker HoodFrom £1191.68
53581430Rangemaster Flat Cooker HoodFrom £474.56
53581434Rangemaster Flat Cooker HoodFrom £508.11
53581439Rangemaster Flat Cooker HoodFrom £527.29
53581450Hi-Lite 900/1100 Cooker HoodFrom £584.25
50030112Integrated Extractor Hood£71.74
53581280Rangemaster 70 Chimney HoodFrom £321.18
V152Louvre VentFrom £1.04
V153AHit and Miss VentFrom £0.93
V793Flat Louvre Vent, PlasticFrom £2.28
53780243Falcon Super Extract HoodFrom £1192.10
53780245Falcon Super Extract HoodFrom £1390.79
50030212Canopy HoodFrom £9.70
56530174Cowled Wall VentFrom £2.90
97500061Trimvent Select S13 Slot VentilatorFrom £1.83
97500207Trimvent 4000 Hi Lift VentilatorFrom £17.68
97500301Trimvent XS13 Slot VentilatorFrom £13.45
97500401Trimvent R16 Select ExtraVentilatorFrom £9.78
DVC101APlain Slot Brass VentFrom £4.61
DVC102AHit and Miss Brass VentFrom £10.26
DVC103AHooded Louvre Brass VentFrom £4.50
53684230Smeg Victoria Chimney HoodFrom £612.88
53684234Smeg Victoria Chimney HoodFrom £521.41
53684243Smeg Range Chimney HoodFrom £379.40
53684251Smeg Range Chimney HoodFrom £350.59
53684281Smeg Range Chimney HoodFrom £297.76
53684303Smeg Range Chimney HoodFrom £360.18
53684313Smeg Range Angled Chimney HoodFrom £1200.62
53684335Smeg Linea Angled Chimney HoodFrom £1248.64
53684358Smeg Symphony Chimney HoodFrom £677.81
53684453Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Angled HoodFrom £983.44
DVS004AVentilatorFrom £1.68
DVS006AVentilatorFrom £1.92
DVS007AVentilator, ABSFrom £1.47
DVS008AVentilator, ABSFrom £0.67
57548004Click Vent SystemFrom £26.95
V4110System100 Roof Vent CowlFrom £10.79
V501Airbrick Outlet with DamperFrom £3.62
V505Airbrick Outlet with DamperFrom £4.21
V893Flat Adjustment Vent, PlasticFrom £2.68
DVF001ASlotted Ventilator From £5.41
DVF003AHit and Miss Ventilator From £11.02
DVF004ALouvre Ventilator From £5.42
DVF006ASlotted Ventilator From £2.96
DVF007AHit and Miss Ventilator From £4.81
DVF008ALouvre Ventilator From £1.62
53684343Smeg Opera Chimney Hood £501.46
53684363Smeg Chimney Hood £350.59
53684391Smeg Opera Chimney Hood £501.46
53684421Smeg Chimney Hood £158.49
53684433Smeg Chimney Hood £296.87
53684493Smeg Chimney Hood £370.75
53684503Smeg Chimney Hood £361.15
53684608Smeg Range Island Chimney Hood £624.33
53684609Smeg Range Island Hood £816.43
53684618Smeg Range Island Hood £624.33
53684628Smeg Range T Island Hood £624.33
53684633Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Island Hood £2491.20
53684641Smeg Island Downdraft Hood £1440.76
53684900Smeg Charcoal Filter £27.27
53684901Smeg Long Life Charcoal Filter £52.67
53684902Smeg Charcoal Filter £21.19
53684903Smeg Charcoal Filter £29.97
V154Louvre Vent, PlasticFrom £0.77
V1574DSlotventFrom £3.81
53684904Smeg Charcoal Filter £21.19
53684905Smeg Charcoal Filter £16.20
53684906Smeg Charcoal Filter £20.18
V157ATrimvent 4000From £1.98
50030034Canopy Hood£115.51
50036306Rangemaster 90 Chimney Hood £389.23
50030991Contract Canopy Hood £6.55
50030980Island Chimney Hood, Curved£10.72
50036309Chimney Hood, Stainless Steel£340.35
53581000Chimney Hood, Built-In£540.71
53581203Rangemaster Toledo 90 Chimney Hood£594.40
53581215Toledo 110 Cooker Hood£648.09
53581225Elite Cooker Hood, Stainless Steel£973.09
53581235Rangemaster Classic 110 Hood£486.06
53581432Island Hood, Ceiling Mounted£474.56
53581438Rangemaster Flat Cooker Hood£527.29
53684980Smeg Canopy Hood Remote Control £55.94
53780-0003Falcon Super Extract Hood£1323.72
53780-0004Falcon Built-In Hood£596.06
53780-0006Falcon 1000 S-Extract Hood £1323.72