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Beeswax with pure turpentine is a premium wax polish for furniture. It is best suited to absorbent woods such as unsealed oak and pine and is particularly nourishing in very dry areas such as beams and exposed internal woodwork. Available in paste form for small items and liquid for larger areas, Beeswax with pure turpentine is very easy and quick to use and is approved to EN71-3 standard which means it is safe for use on toys.
WAX003ALiberon Black Bison Liquid WaxFrom £6.43
WAX005ALiberon Liquid BeeswaxFrom £8.88
WAX006ALiberon Beeswax Paste£8.98
WAX007ALiberon Tint and WaxFrom £7.58
WAX015ALiberon Floor Wax£11.54
WAX017ALiberon Wax and Polish Remover£10.28
WAX028AKonig338 Special Repair Lacquer£14.37
WAX029AKonig362 Acrylic Lacquer£14.37
WAX016ALiberon Fine Spray WaxFrom £5.59
00734576Lubricating Wax £24.29
00734579Liquid Beeswax £18.33