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Wax Polish Black Bison is a very versatile product with many uses around the home. Made from a blend of quality waxes including carnauba and beeswax, it is very well known for its wood protection properties as well as its pleasant aroma. It can equally be used on new and old timber and is suitable for soft and hardwoods. Available in 15 wood shades and paste form for small items and liquid for larger areas, Wax Polish Black Bison is very easy and quick to use and is approved to EN71-3 standard which means it is safe for use on toys.
00734583Black Bison Paste WaxFrom £6.96
WAX030AWax, Special Effect£11.73
WAX030AWax, Special Effect£5.42
WAX002ALiberon Black Bison Paste WaxFrom £4.07
00731510Combination Tool for Hard Wax£47.73
00731520Hard Wax Repair Kit, Plastic£155.21
WAX008ALiberon Liming Kit£23.63
WAX009ALiberon Liming WaxFrom £6.28
WAX010ALiberon Laquer Repair Kit£21.55
WAX026AKonig Softwax Special Applicator£6.16
WAX027AKonig662 Furniture Repair KitFrom £71.47
WAX030AWax, Special Effect£5.07
BRU010AFrom £2.50