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Hart Wholesale | Waxes | Wax Sticks

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Wax finishes give a classic patina and are perfect for furniture items but are the least durable of finishes. They are not water resistant so should not be used in kitchens and bathrooms. However, they can be used on most types of wood and in many other areas of the home to protect against marks, scratches and wear and tear. They give a gentle aroma which enhances any home.

00730061Soft Wax Sticks x 20£24.12
00734577Purified Beeswax Sticks£22.25
WAX013ASoft Wax Repair Sticks£22.68
WAX019AKonig140 Softwax Repair Kit£17.41
WAX020AKonig140 Softwax Repair Kit£17.41
WAX021AKonig140 Softwax Repair Kit£17.41
WAX022AKonig140 Softwax Repair Kit£17.41
WAX023AKonig140 Softwax Repair Kit£17.41
WAX025AKonig140 Softwax Repair Kit£17.41
00730060Soft Wax Stick SetFrom £36.65
00730062Repair King Soft Wax SticksFrom £5.46
00730130Soft Wax Sticks x 10From £15.44
00730951Hard Wax Sticks x 10From £45.79
00730330Wax Filler SticksFrom £73.87
WAX001ALiberon Wax Filler StickFrom £3.61
WAX011ALiberon Retouch CrayonsFrom £3.99
WAX018AWax Kit Konig150From £17.41
WAX024AKonig140 Softwax Repair KitFrom £18.90