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MIS2230AWorktop Nosing, 2 PartFrom £12.30
56410001Apollo Wood WorktopFrom £30.54
56410011Solid Timber Worktop, MapleFrom £29.30
56410021Apollo Timber WorktopFrom £19.55
56410031Apollo Timber WorktopFrom £20.63
56410040Apollo Timber WorktopFrom £27.65
56410051Apollo Timber WorktopFrom £24.43
56410071Apollo Wood WorktopFrom £36.95
56411098Apollo Timber Butchers BlockFrom £236.78
56411312Apollo Wood WorktopFrom £254.22
56411322Apollo Wood WorktopFrom £356.09
56411332Apollo Wood WorktopFrom £289.19
56411941Timber ShelfFrom £40.82
56411951Timber ShelfFrom £37.47
56410080Wrapped WorktopFrom £188.62
56412001Wrapped WorktopFrom £36.70
56411039Solid Timber Worktop£420.36
73212519Apollo Timber Worktop Display Stand £155.00

Users can get their hands on some top quality wooden worktops in oak, maple, beech, cherry, walnut and much more. These worktops will make brilliant additions to any room in the house thanks to their unique feel and solid designs. What's more users can buy specialist worktop products such as samples of the various types of woods.