Blum Products at Hart Wholesale

Here at Hart Wholesale, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality hardware and everything they need to complete a job to the highest standard. As part of this, we only stock brands that we have tried and tested ourselves and are confident will perform at the standard we expect.
One of these brands is Blum. Blum provides exceptional hardware and accessories that allow you to transform a space and create innovative solutions that result in a better quality of living.
We offer an extensive range of Blum accessories and products online at Hart Wholesale and our Southend-on-Sea warehouse, including Blum Cabinet Connectors, Blum Hinges, and ergonomic Blum SERVO Drive. Discover our full range online today.

How Can I Use Blum Accessories?

One of the most significant aspects of Blum is that their products are versatile and can be used by those looking for products for their own home or trade industry professionals needing wholesale items for commercial use.
Blum’s extensive hardware catalogue is beyond impressive and includes everything you need to bring a space to life through revolutionary functionality. For example, the Blum Box Systems offer a range of options to completely customise your kitchen drawers and offer your clients precisely what is needed for an efficiently running space.
Additionally, the Blum Space Tower Slim is an effective space-saving option that allows you to store kitchen goods efficiently and practically due to its impressively sleek and slender design.

Benefits of Blum Products

Choosing Blum accessories and kitchen hardware is advantageous for many reasons, including:
• Their incredible customisation options allow you to create exactly what your space needs.
• A vast range of products means you have an extensive choice when selecting your hardware.
• Ergonomic space-saving functions allow you to make the most of your space, regardless of size.
• Cost-effective products with fantastic bulk-buying options here at Hart Wholesale.
Choosing Blum’s innovative solutions is guaranteed to elevate your space and provide you with an efficient and productive kitchen. Discover the full range of products at Hart Wholesale or contact our team to enquire.


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